Jersey City Axe Throwing – 5 Best Ranges

Jersey City Axe Throwing

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Axe throwing is a growing sport, with bars and indoor ranges popping up all over the country. In this guide to Jersey City axe throwing, we’re going to take a look at the best indoor ranges in town. Just like in our San Diego axe throwing and Brooklyn axe throwing guides, we’re covering the top 5 ranges.

Jersey City Axe Throwing Map

And The Top Spot Is…

If you’d like your throwing range to appear in the top spot, contact us to find out how you can rank as the best throwing range in Jersey City.


Tomahawks is the top rated range in the area, and for good reason. This range offers you a solid practicing space with plenty of lanes for you to perfect your toss. It has a professional and competitive atmosphere, and a great starting price. It’s targeted more towards the competitive axe thrower.

For $20 an hour, you can book your own lane through Tomahawks website. While they don’t offer food and drink, they do give you what you need to practice. It’s not ideal for casual throwers, but does give professionals a great space to practice.

Stumpy’s Hatchet House

The axe throwing industry tends to be dominated by a few big chains, like Bad Axe Throwing and Bury the Hatchet. These franchises have pioneered the indoor axe range formula, and few smaller places can compete. But Stumpy’s Hatchet House does that just fine, creating their own formula to axe throwing.

Prices for 1 hour start at $25 per person, and you can have up to 4 people in your group. If you have 5 or more people, you can bump your reservation up to $40 for 2 hours. Though if you want a bystander, they’ll have to pay a $15 admission fee, so make sure everyone in your group is ready to throw.

Stumpy’s Hatchet House does not serve food or drink, but they are more than happy to let you bring your own. They offer buckets of ice to keep your drinks cool, and they have TVs on the wall to keep you entertained between throws. For some light competition, they even host group-wide games.

This range is targeted at the more casual thrower, but even the budding professional will enjoy themselves here. If you’re looking for a place to relax, practice your throwing axes, and have fun with friends, this is the place to go. They have everything you need for a great time.

Bury the Hatchet

Bury the Hatchet is one of the big names in indoor throwing ranges. They’ve helped bring this Canadian pastime to the US, and have a great formula for keeping you entertained. They push you more towards groups, and offer plenty of games to make for a great time.

Sessions run $40 per person, and last for 2 hours. There are no size requirements for your group, but they do encourage parties, team building events, and larger groups. It’s a great bonding activity, and you can even rent the whole venue out for groups of over 90.

This is one of the best options if you have a larger group, want to throw a party, or even want to join a league. Some locations hose a competitive axe throwing league, letting you really test your skills. This is for the truly competitive, letting you go head to head against other hatchet slingers.

Axehole’s Hatchet House

This range is not related to Stumpy’s Hatchet House, and both venues couldn’t be more different. While Stumpy’s caters more towards smaller groups and individuals, Axehole’s really sweetens the deal for groups. They do offer individual throws for $25 per person, but you can really maximize your time with a private lane

Most ranges organize their group prices by the person, but Axehole’s goes by the lane. So if you want to throw a big party, this is where to do it. For a single lane and unlimited pizza and soda, you have to pay $500 for up to 11 people. This is a pretty good deal when you factor in the unlimited food. Or you can cut the costs down and just book the throwing lane.

Mastering Axe Throwing

Jersey City Axe Throwing

Throwing axes are becoming one of the most popular types of axe, even more so than popular options like bushcraft axes an viking axes. When you have a perfectly sharpened axe, it’s incredibly satisfying to sink it into that bullseye.

Residents of Jersey City are in luck, since there are so many ranges next to each other. Jersey City shares ranges with the New York City axe throwing scene, giving you plenty of options. Compare that to the budding scenes around Los Angeles axe throwing or Arizona axe throwing scenes, and you have significantly more options

This budding sport is becoming the new bowling. Soon we’ll see axe ranges pop up all over the US, and we’ll see bars replace their dart boards with throwing axes. If you want to become a part of this new community, then check out one of these ranges.

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