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At ClutchAxes.com we are committed to bringing you the best axe content online. We thoroughly research and stand behind all of our recommendations and tips. From Axe Enthusiasts to Axe Throwing we aim to help every hatchet, tomahawk and axe lover pick out a specific new tool or just give some great advice.

Justin Yates: Content Writer

Justin is 35 years old, born and raised in rural Rumford, Maine. A third generation woodsman, Justin grew up hunting, working, and enjoying the outdoors. His grandfather owned a logging company which his father worked for before moving onto the paper mills. Justin worked in the woods with his father during his youth, cutting and trimming trees, he now has a career in Horticulture, caring for thousands of plants, trees, and shrubs at a nursery in Yarmouth, Maine.

An endless list of hobbies and interests leave Justin with an endless thirst for knowledge. Which could be considered a hobby in itself. Justin holds formal degrees in Computer Science as well as Internet Marketing. He decided office jobs are not for him. Being outdoors, working with your hands, surrounded by plants and animals is the way to go. Trees are easier to please.

Justin’s interest in knives, axes and other hand tools began with a general interest in outdoor survival. Once a Boy Scout, along with lessons from his father and grandfather Justin is also self taught in wilderness survival and sustainability. Of course this involves knives and axes. Though early on he saw them only as tools.

His love for knives grew and so he educated himself, Justin’s favorite knives are Mora Knives. Then came the day when he was struck by the beauty of the axe. The history of the axe, the axe companies, the designs, and the various types, the simple fact that without the axe society might not be as advanced as it is today.

There is almost no limit to things you can appreciate an axe for. Fast forward a few years and Justin now has a good amount of knowledge and axe experience, along with a nice collection of axes. Pretty well known in the axe community, Justin learned quickly due to his ability to absorb information quickly from both research and the axe community. Today Justin collects and restores axes and a few other hand tools, mostly for himself but sometimes for others. He was then asked if he would like to write content for Clutch Axes, to which he agreed.