Austin Axe Throwing – 5 of the Best Ranges

Austin Axe Throwing

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The Austin axe throwing scene is one of the most unique in the country. They’ve ditched the usual formula of having an indoor axe throwing range that may serve food. Instead, most of the ranges here are actually part of large entertainment facilities. So let’s jump into what makes these ranges stand out.

Austin Axe Throwing Map

And the Top Spot Is…

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Urban Axes

Urban Axes is the only traditional axe throwing range that we’ll be covering today. They’re your standard indoor venue that offers ranges for individuals and groups alike. If you want to hang out with your friends or try a new team-building event for the office, this is the way to go.

The entire throwing industry tends to be dominated by large chains. Franchises like Urban Axes have brought us this Canadian sport, and mostly follow the same formula for each place. You can choose to walk in, or get a discount by bundling groups of tickets together, which is standard.

Prices here are pretty reasonable, starting at $22 per person per hour for walk-ins. Prices lower once you book with more people, making this a highly cost-competitive range. If you’re looking for an affordable way to have a night out, you can stop here and bring a few of your own drinks to have a good time.

Some Urban Axes locations are actually licensed to sell alcohol, but not this one. Local regulations often prevent axe bars from serving alcohol. However, you can bring your own, making it so that you can still enjoy a few drinks as you land those bullseyes.

Epic Fun

Epic Fun is a lot like Dave and Buster’s but much bigger. They offer laser tag, arcades, and, yes, axe throwing. It’s not the only thing you can do there, but you can still practice your throws with friends. This is especially good for people with a couple of friends who are unsure about axe throwing.

Prices are pretty good, starting at $20 per person per hour. Instruction is offered on site, and the facility does carry alcohol. Each lane only allows about 5 people to throw at a time. So you can’t really bring a huge group here unless they have multiple lanes open.

This is a great place for a high-energy night out, but isn’t the best if you’re trying to calmly practice your throw. But even the most serious axe thrower will enjoy their time here.

High 5

Axe throwing has been widely referred to as the new bowling. That’s why High 5 Bowling has embraced axe throwing. Just like Epic Fun, this venue is more of a multi-use facility that offers tons of activities. In addition to bowling, High 5 has adopted virtual reality and axe throwing.

Don’t be surprised if this venue begins to focus more on axes than bowling over the next few years. This incredibly popular pastime scratches the same itch as bowling does, ut it way more satisfying.

They happen to be the most affordable option on this list, costing $18 per person per hour for a range. They even offer an 8 week league for $130 up front for more competitive throwers.

Southern Trails

Like we said at the beginning of this list, Austin has one of the most unique axe throwing scenes in America. That’s even more true for our last range, Southern Trails. This ranch-like experience offers a plethora of outdoor activities, including axe throwing.

Their main draw is horseback riding, where you get to galop along their massive, beautiful property. They also offer skeet shooting, because this is Texas. Lastly, they offer both archery and axe throwing to round out their offerings.

As cool as all of this sounds, it’s by far the most expensive place we’ve ever covered on this list. Axe throwing rund you $60 per person per hour. Granted, you have plenty of other things to add to the experience, but it’s tough if you’re just trying to practice.

Enjoying Axe Throwing

Austin Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a growing sport that’s changing how Americans spend their off time. While bowling was a community fixture and nearly every bar has darts, axe throwing is just more fun. It’s interesting to see how each city grows its axe throwing scene. Austin bucks a lot of trends by incorporating this new sport into existing venues and facilities.

Throwing axes are becoming one of the most popular types of axes. Bushcraft axes are useful for a camping trip, while Viking axes look cool. But throwing a perfectly sharpened axe into that wooden target is just so satisfying.

Texas has some of the best indoor range option in the US. The Dallas axe throwing and Houston axe throwing scenes are vibrant. By comparison, Los Angeles axe throwing or Arizona axe throwing have almost no options next to Texas. That’s why we’re covering the interesting scene in Austin.

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