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When it comes to creating designs and cutting precise length of wood, the best saws are the Scroll Saw and the Band Saw. The fight between Band Saw Vs Scroll Saw has been going on for years now and some people are still confused as to which tool to use to get their work done.

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Band Saw Basics

Bandsaw Outline

A Band Saw is essentially a mechanical saw that consists of a strap-like metal blade mounted vertically on a table like machine frame. The blade is encased in either metal frame or left open. Two large wheels help the blade run in circular fashion like the chain in a bicycle.

There are different types and sizes of blades that could be used for cutting wood in different shapes and sizes. The fast movement of the chain helps in cutting the wood in straight, at an angle or in curves.

A Band Saw comes in handy when you want a wood to be cut fast and accurate. Band Saw helps you in cutting a wood at difficult and awkward angles. It is mostly used to rip or resaw thick panels, boards or logs. Band saw produces clean, smooth and precise cuts helping to achieve the desired results.

There are several brands and companies that manufacture quality Band Saw. You may find it difficult to pick one. Let’s make your job easy by giving link to the best one among them. The Band Saw from Delta meets all the criteria for a top-notch band saw.

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Scroll Saw Basics

A Scroll Saw consists of a thin blade not more than a quarter inch in width. The blades of this saw come in different size, shape and thickness. Depending upon the requirements of your job, you can use any one of the blades.

Scrollsaw Outline

The blades work upon the theory of oscillation using electricity. The high speed of an oscillating blade helps in cutting wood panels in whatever shape you have marked on it. The speed of the blade can be controlled manually by pressing the pedal fixed at the bottom of the machine frame.

Since the control of speed is in your hand, you can adjust wooden panel according to your wish or you can also stop and start altogether if you see the error beforehand.

Scroll Saw specializes in cutting complex and intricate designs that couldn’t be reached by other saws. Since the machine is neither heavy nor bulky it can be carried anywhere you want to. Most of the jigsaw puzzles, board games and figurines you find in a craft or children store are made form Scroll Saw.

Manufacturing a Scroll Saw takes a lot of research and trials. Only a handful companies have been able to produce quality Scroll Saw machines. Below link is one of them.

See the current price of the Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw here

Band Saw Vs Scroll Saw

Now that you have some idea about Band Saw and Scroll Saw, let us see what makes them different from each other and where and how you can put them into use. Both machines could be differentiated on several aspects. You can decide upon which one to buy once you read these aspects.

Cutting Ability

Since a saw is essentially used to cut a wooden sheet, board, panel or log, the ability of the saw to cut becomes an important aspect.

Scroll Saw is helpful in carving out curved and circular cuts. Since you can move the wooden panel or frame around the fixed blade, you can even make intricate and complex cuts to create a design.

Band Saw is used to make straight cuts or at the most angled or zigzag cuts. Since the blades in Band Saw are thick and long, you can’t make minute and intricate cuts like in Scroll Saw.

Though they provide different types of cuts, both saws produce clean and accurate cuts.

Size of the Wood

The size of the wood plays an important role while selecting a saw. Every saw is designed to cut a particular size of wood exceeding which the blade may snap or the machine may break down.

A Scroll Saw only uses thin and delicate blades of maximum 8inch long and ¼ inch thick. Hence, it is only useful in cutting thin panels or sheets of wood. You shouldn’t employ this saw for cutting thick pieces of wood.

A Band Saw could be used to cut thick wooden pieces ranging from 6 inches to 30 inches.

Factor of Adaptability

If a saw can adapt to more than one type of cut then it can perform more number of tasks. Therefore, you don’t have to go looking for different saws to cut a design or carve out a shape.

Though Scroll Saw has the limitation of cutting only thin pieces of wood, it can adapt to cut any shape. You can cut circular, straight, zigzag, angular and uneven shapes using Scroll Saw.

Band Saw is mostly used to make straight cuts with utmost accuracy. It can only be used to make circular and angled cuts in a very few cases.

Fields of Usage

Every saw is made for a particular purpose and it could only be used in specific setups. You can’t use a chainsaw to carve out a design or cut thin wooden pieces. Hence, it is essential to determine where you are going to use your saw most of the times before buying it.

As explained before a Scroll Saw is useful in cutting complex and intricate designs hence it is mostly used in manufacturing artifacts, toys, ornamental items and intarsia.

The Band Saw is mostly used in industrial setups since it can cut thick and heavy wooden logs.

The Matter of Cost

Everything said and done, it all comes to the money in the end. It is common sense that heavier the work higher is the price. By now, you might have guessed which one cost more.

Your guess is right, the Band Saw wins the race of price since it does the heavy work and it is mostly used by professional and skilled wood workers. A quality Band Saw costs anywhere between $600 to $1000.

The Scroll Saw is used by artists, DIYers, and amateurs. Since the machine is not as heavy as Band Saw, the price of a standard Scroll Saw falls anywhere between $300 to $600.


Hope you got a good idea as to which saw you want to buy. If you are an artist and want to explore the creative side of your personality, then you should go for Scroll Saw.

But if you are planning to just build a tree house, out house or lay the floor of your home you should go for Band Saw since they mostly need straight cut.

When comparing the Scroll Saw Vs the Band Saw, it seems there is no clear winner since both have their own applications. To get a better idea of all the things you can do with these and other woodworking tools, check out Teds Woodworking – the ultimate resource.

The website has around 16,000 wood plans to choose from. These plans will help you in learn from the comfort of your home and at a low price. You can start from a simple projects then upgrade yourself to more intricate and professional woodworking designs.

All these plans have step-by-step instructions, detailed schematics and even woodworking videos.

Gone are the days when working with wood was dominated by expert designers and skilled professionals. Today, with the advent of new machinery and methods, carving different shapes and designs from a wood panel or creating artwork with a log has become easy.

We use several tools when working on wood and we can all agree without any argument that a saw is the important tool to have in the tool kit. Saw has seen numerous changes and improvements from the date of its discovery.

With industrial revolution, spanning from mid 17th century to early 18th century, the quintessential saw was turned into an indomitable machine tool.

Today, we see several types of saws in the market. From simple hand held saws to big mechanical saws there are several varieties to choose from. Apart from cutting, the majority of machine saws are used in carving out designs or giving shape to a specimen of wood.

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