BandSaw vs TableSaw

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Anyone starting in taking up woodworking projects will have the same question – should they go for the band saw or the table saw? When you ask professionals and DIY enthusiasts on how to choose between the two, the answers you receive make it even harder to pick one.

What are the differences between these two power tools? Which one should you use for your woodworking project? Given below is a guide which will answer all your questions on band saw vs table saw.

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Bandsaw Basics

A power tool, the band saw uses a serrated vertical blade, stretched between two wheels. With two pulleys, they move in a loop to cut the workpiece horizontally or vertically.

Band saw Outline

You will find these tools in workshops, as they can go through wood and metal. They use electric power and either come as a stand-alone power tool or with a bench-top.

What are the benefits of using band saw?

· Cuts through different materials

Due to the thin and sharp nature of the band saw’s blades, you can use this power tool to cut a wide variety of materials. Also, if you have thick workpieces, this instrument will be able to go through them.

· Easy to make curved cuts

The main reason why woodworking and DIY enthusiasts go for the band saw is to make curved cuts. This is due to the uniform cutting action of the blade.

· Low noise

When you use the band saw in your workshop, you don’t have to worry about the noise.

What are the disadvantages of using band saw?

· Cuts have rough edges

If you examine the borders of the cuts, they will be uneven. As a result, you have to smoothen out the edges.

· Difficult to cut grooves and bevel

Making bevel cuts is challenging on the band saw. If you want to cut grooves, you will have to use another power tool.

· Longer cutting times

The cutting power of the band saw is low, unlike other power tools. Due to this reason, it will take you longer to go through wood, irrespective of the thickness.

Tablesaw Basics

Consisting of a mounted circular saw, you use this power tool for making straight cuts. It has an arbor, connected to the motor. You can adjust the height of the blades, to vary the depth of your cuts on the workpiece.

Table Saw Outline

They tend to be popular among woodworking enthusiasts and DIY who want to make furniture.

What are the benefits of using table saw?

· Accurate cuts

When you go for table saws, you can rely on the cuts, due to this machine’s high level of accuracy. On top of that, it is easier to go through different types of wood with this power tool. All of this is possible, thanks to the

· Variable depth of cut

Modern table saws have adjustable wheels, which allows you to change the blade’s height. As a result, you can make dados and grooves without any difficulty.

· Versatile power cutting tool

You can use the table saw to make different types of cuts, such as dado, crosscut, rabbet, and rip. There are jigs that you can use to make specific cuts on the workpiece.

What are the disadvantages of using table saw?

· Low safety

You need to be careful while using the table saw. The exposed blade can cause serious injuries if you don’t pay attention while operating this power tool.

· High noise output

When you compare the table saws to the band saws, the former produce greater amounts of noise.

· Thickness restrictions

You can’t cut through thick materials, due to the circular shape of the cutting blade.

When should you use the band saw?

If you need to make scrolling cuts in your workpiece, you will require a band saw in your workshop. Another area where the band saw excels is when it comes to creating curves in your workpiece.

When should you use the table saw?

If you want to make long and straight cuts, squares, or cross cuts, the table saw will bring down the cutting time. You can also use this power tool for insets and grooves. Also, you will find it easier to make angled cuts with the table saw, as you can adjust its blade as per your preferences.

Which one should you choose – band saw or table saw?

Both the band saw and the table saw are versatile cutting tools. For deciding when is the right time to use either of these power instruments, you need to know what cutting styles you will be using for your woodworking projects.

If you know your woodworking projects will be more of intricate cuts, you should go for the band saw. Otherwise, you can stick with the table saw, as it can make a wide variety of cuts.

Recommended Tablesaw

The Dewalt DWE7491RS is an excellent power tool when it comes to carrying out home repair and woodworking projects.

Due to the rack and pinion movement of the fence, you can adjust it as per your preferences. There is also the option to make thin rips in your wooden workpiece. If you have projects which require bevelling, this instrument will be a lifesaver.

Even if you use hardwood as your material for cutting, the DEWALT will go through them easily. This is due to the 15-amp motor, which can rotate the blade up to a maximum of 4,200 rpm.

This power tool comes with a cart, which improves the portability of this machine. At the same time, you can also use it as a storage container. You can carry all the accessories you need for your project.

It comes with flip-over fencing, which you can use to make narrow cuts. The rip capacity of this power tool is a maximum of 32.5 inches. Due to the heavy-duty nature of this instrument, you can use it for long operations every day. If you have to perform any remodeling or trim work, this DEWALT will give you excellent results.

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Recommended Bandsaw

If you are looking for a band saw with an excellent feature set, without making compromises in cutting quality and durability, the WEN 3962 is the power tool for you.

The 3.5 amp motor in this machine is powerful enough to take on hard materials and large loads. Unlike other models in this price range, the WEN 3962’s throat size is large, allowing you to make deep cuts.

It also comes with a miter gauge, a feature you won’t find in band saws in the same category. The stand is a bonus, as you can use this power tool while standing.

You don’t need a sawhorse or a workbench to place this machine. There is an LED, which increases the visibility of the cutting area. It is always easy to resaw small pieces when you use this machine.

Due to the ability to switch between two speeds, you can make adequate adjustments depending on your cutting requirement. Another area where the WEN 3692 comes out on top is the improvement in the quality of your freehand cuts.

The worktable of this power tool is quite spacious. You won’t face any difficulties in placing large pieces of wood on this component. WEN focused on providing excellent value when it comes to design.

All the materials in this power tool work together to improve the reliability and sturdiness of this instrument. Another great feature on this band saw is the dust port, allowing you to keep the debris around you under control.

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Also to Consider

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