Best Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood – Must Have Now!

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There are lots of choices today when looking for a good chainsaw. Without doing too many comparisons, we thought we’d just give you what we feel is the best one on the market today.

Best Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood

And the winner is Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher. Below are the features of this beast of a machine.


Husqvarna is the leading manufacturer of saws and lawn mowing equipments. It has established itself as leader in wood cutting especially trees and firewood.

The company offers 27 models of saws and they are all top-notch in their own rights. As the name suggests, Husqvarna Rancher is mainly used in farms and ranches. The exhaust-free chainsaw has enough power to cut extra sized firewood and it is also not harmful to the environment as it is emission free machine.

The features of this particular chainsaw may push you to order it immediately. So how about looking at them.

1. Engine – The 460 Rancher is fitted with Husqvarna’s patented X-Torq engine, which is known for fuel efficiency and less emission. The 3.68 inch displacement is induced by 3.62 horsepower generated by the engine.

It employs forged, three piece crank shaft and produces enough power to cut large woods. The SmartStart technology has provided several options to start the engine like choke/stop control, air purge and compression release button.

These options help in starting the engine if one of the options fails. The engine is also fitted with adjustable oil pump so that users can change the oil level depending upon the application and weather condition.

2. Bar and Chain – 20 inch bar provides enough stability to the chain while usage. This keeps the whole machine steady and you can cut any wood at one go.

3. Chain Tensioning – The machine has side mounted chain tensioning system, which allows the user to make quick adjustments with chain while using it for cutting wood.

The system helps in keeping the chain on the bar all the time speeding up the process of cutting.

4. Air Filtration – The air system of this machine employs centrifugal motion. This ability of the machine keeps the unwanted particles from reaching the air filter.

This saves you from cleaning the air filter often. With less or no obstruction to engine from external particles, the self-life of the engine extends for longer period. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore the cleaning part.

When the machine needs cleaning, you don’t have to spend hours on it as air filtration allows a quick clean.

5. Oiler – The oiler on the machine delivers oil automatically to the bar and chain keeping it lubricated while in operation. The steady supply of oil increases the durability of the chain and also keeps it secure.

6. Special Features – This machine has LowVib technology, which restricts the vibration of the entire machine.

You can direct the fall of the tree as the machine produces felling marks on the tree or wood. The company has also provided bucking spikes for more control and leverage.

Users’ Verdict

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher
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The Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher has an average rating of 4 from more than three hundred users on Amazon.

Obviously you cant get 5 out of 5 for any product. Most of the people have praised the air filter technology that keeps the engine clean and enhances the performance. The start options given in the machine have also been mentioned in the reviews.

The LowVib technology has been specially mentioned in some of the reviews as it keeps the vibration in check. A couple of reviews have described how the continuous lubrication from the oiler has increased the efficiency of the chain.

There are a few complaints too. Sometimes the machine takes more than a few kicks too start despite so many options. It also slightly on heavier side hence, working for long hours is a little tiring.

Wood is an essential part of our lives. We have been using it for numerous purposes from building homes to just firing some wood to keep ourselves warm. Wood can also be used for decorative and artistic purposes. Different purposes need different tools to cut, carve and saw a wood.

The basic need of any woodwork is sawing and choosing a quality saw that fulfills your needs is important. The quintessential saw has seen several changes over a period of time.

In the beginning days of saw, people used to saw wood using their hands and it would take forever to cut a tree or firewood. Today we have several types of saws that have made the process cutting of wood or creating an art out of it easy.

Today we see several chainsaw brands lined up in market and on e-commerce websites flaunting their unmatched features. People choose a chainsaw depending upon their needs. But it is still confusing to zero in on a particular brand when you are spoiled for choice.

And if you are buying a chainsaw for the sole purpose of cutting firewood, then the selection process becomes even more complex since most of the saws available in the market fulfill that need. Then you might be thinking which brand to choose. Don’t worry, that’s where we come.

In this article, we explain about the features and make of the chainsaw we have chosen after examining and doing a thorough research. Before that, you should have some idea of the types of chainsaws available in the market. There are three categories of chainsaws available in the market. Following is the brief explanation of each one.

Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws have come in usage just a few decades back. These chainsaws perform the same task as the gas powered chainsaws only with higher efficiency and accuracy.

Since they run by electricity, they eliminate the requirement of fuel tank in the design making the machine light in weight and compact in size. This makes them easy to carry to highest point of trees to cut or trim branches.

And if you are a backyard junky, then electric chainsaws are useful to perform daily tasks or emergency situations. The only drawback of electric chainsaw is that you can’t use it where electricity is not available.

Gas Powered Chainsaw

As the name suggests, a gas powered chainsaw runs on gas or oil. These basic chainsaws came into market in the initial period of their invention.

They are still being used to perform heavy-duty jobs like cutting big trees or branches in the jungle and other places. They have been found to be efficient and use less time to cut trees, which are large in girth and thickness.

Though they weigh heavier than other types of chainsaw, the user isn’t burdened by the weight while using it to cut trees.

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Battery powered or cordless chainsaws are similar to electric chainsaws but they don’t have any cords to connect them to power points. These chainsaws run on batteries and are fairly compact in design.

They also weigh less than a gas powered chainsaw but slightly heavier than electric chainsaw. The main advantage of cordless chainsaws is that you can have more control over the machine since they are not connected to any energy source through cords.

You can carry them to any place and employ them to reach narrow, complicated and congested places.


Our inferences tell that if you are using it to cut less than three-foot thick wood on routine basis then this chainsaw is made for you.

With continuous flow of oil and extension of the bar to 24 inch, you can even try it on thicker wood. Overall, it is the best out there in the market in its category and you can go for Husqvarna Rancher with eyes closed.

If you still have doubts, then visit the website of Teds Woodworking where you will find more than 16,000 projects to choose from. These projects will not only make you creative but also help you in teaching usage of equipments including saw.

Apart from step-by-step instructions, schematic diagrams, views from several angles, the website also provides tutorials through videos. You might be wondering how can all this be possible. You would only come to know about the truth once you visit the website. Below is the link for the website. Visit once and check for yourself.

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