Best Chainsaw for Milling *2021* Top 2 + Pictures

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Chainsaws are a great way to cut logs and harvest firewood. A chainsaw can be also used for milling since it can make accurate and straight cuts on slabs regardless of their size.

A chainsaw is portable, hence the ideal choice for both woodworking professionals and hobbyists. It can be easily carried to any place where the work needs to be done.

Best Chainsaw for Milling

Chainsaws are a great way to cut logs and harvest firewood. A chainsaw can be also used for milling since it can make accurate and straight cuts on slabs regardless of their size.

A chainsaw is portable, hence the ideal choice for both woodworking professionals and hobbyists. It can be easily carried to any place where the work needs to be done.

When it comes to Milling, these chainsaws have got to be at the top of your list:

Top Option For a Milling Chainsaw

If you are looking for the best chainsaw for milling, Husqvarna gas chainsaw can be an ideal choice. It stands out from the pack for its strength and features and absolutely offers good value for your money.

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Husqvarna 16 Inch 120 II Gas Chainsaw
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The 40.9 cc gas chainsaw features a powerful cut chain and chainsaw bar to make your job easier. While its idling speed is 2900 rpm, it comes with an inertia-activated brake on the chain for added safety. The built-in oiler on Husqvarna gas chainsaw consistently supplies chain and bar oil, making way for smoother cuts.

In addition, this chainsaw features the chain system on the side, allowing you to make adjustments according to your convenience. Additionally, the air filter can be easily removed, enabling you to clean or replace the same as and when required.

Milling requires you to have a chainsaw whose motor does not bog down. Husqvarna is built with a powerful motor that allows you to cut through wood with ease. Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw in Action

While there are several chainsaws on the market, this gas chainsaw, we feel, is truly special and the best. The 16-inch chainsaw is also light in weight and consumes lesser fuel when compared to the others in the range. It is priced around 300 or so.

See the current price of the Husqvarna 120 here

Cheaper Alternative

If you are, however, looking for a cheaper option, you can consider Coocheer Gas powered chainsaw. Priced at 135, this 20-inch chainsaw comes with a 62cc engine that delivers consistent and reliable power to the bar and chain. The cutting tool is fuel-efficient, comes with an engine speed of 8500 rpm and can withstand high temperatures.

This chainsaw also features high-quality and a robust steel chain that offers an outstanding wear resistance. In addition, the superior air filter system and oiler ensure durability. Coocheer chainsaw is designed ergonomically to ensure easier handling.

It comes with a grip handle, is light in weight and consumes less fuel, making the product a totally balanced and comfortable one to operate. Suitable for both professionals and DIYers, this 2-stroke gas chainsaw stands out when it comes to the pricing and features.

See the current price of the COOCHEER chainsaw here

What To Look For in a Milling Chainsaw?

So, you’ve made up your mind to buy a milling chainsaw, these are all the factors you need to consider.

While price and purpose top the list, there are several other things to take note of. Follow these tips if you are looking to buy a top-quality chainsaw for milling:

Know the size of the logs you will be cutting

Identify the correct size of the wood logs you are looking to saw. You can end up buying the right chainsaw only if you are clear with the size of the logs you are going to cut.

You can buy a small, portable chainsaw if you are a hobbyist with a small yard or workshop but you need to go for a bigger, high-end one if you are a professional, often into pruning or milling.

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Choose a bigger product

Remember, milling demands power and high powered chainsaws are usually bigger. If you can afford it, go for something bigger that will be able to handle the workload. When it comes to milling, bigger is definitely better.

It doesn’t matter if you end up with more power than required, that should be fine. A bigger chain, a stronger bar and powerful teeth can make the milling process perfect and enjoyable!


The chainsaw you are buying for milling should feature a powerful engine. Otherwise, your purchase is going to be disappointing. We know you don’t want that! Determine your project requirements and identify the power you will need.

More HP and cc means, the chainsaw delivers more power. Remember that chainsaw manufacturers pack a lot of extra features in products with higher HP. Browsing these listings on Amazon, you can see you get a lot more for your money than just the power.


Most of the beginner woodcutters get confused between a motor and an engine. They appear similar but are different. It is to be noted here that a fuel-powered chainsaw does not have a motor but features an engine and yes, the idea is the same here as well.

Before buying, you need to check whether the chainsaw you are considering comes with a powerful motor. This enables you to get through the tough wood while being precise. While a greater HP ensures greater power, a higher Amp cools the motor, allowing you to work for longer hours. You are clear now, aren’t you?


What is the amount you can spend on buying a chainsaw? Can you afford to purchase the best one out there regardless of the price? Well, it would be great to buy a large and powerful chainsaw but you certainly need to watch out for and stay within your budget.

We suggest you set your budget, filter the chainsaws in accordance with it and then choose the ideal one that suits your purpose. This ensures you make the right choice. Besides, setting a budget before searching for a chainsaw saves you a lot of time and effort.

Weight of the Chainsaw

Weight is an important factor when it comes to buying a chainsaw. If your project requires you to move from one place to another, look for a light weight and portable chainsaw.

On the other hand, if you are going to stay at one place and can handle a large-sized chainsaw, a powerful and big chainsaw would be a good buy. While a small chainsaw allows you to work longer without making you feel tired, a bigger one might soon cause fatigue.

However, you should be able to judge better since you know your project requirements.


You certainly cannot ignore this factor when buying a cutting tool! Look out for the safety features in the chainsaw and if you are not happy with them, just stay away! While the other factors mentioned in the list above should definitely be considered, just drop off a product if it does not assure your safety.

Good blade and chain

It is not only the engine or motor that matters when buying a milling chainsaw. You should also be smart enough to check the efficiency of the blade and chain.

The chainsaw you buy should have a chain that rotates smoothly to ensure smooth cutting. Most importantly, the blades should be powerful and sharp, being able to make accurate cuts in the quickest time.

Love woodworking?

We know you are here because you have a passion for woodworking. If you are looking for innovative woodworking plans with step-by-step instructions, Teds Woodworking is the place to be.

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The site offers a number of exciting woodworking projects with clear guidance on how to go about completing each project. A great site for professionals and DIYers, Teds Woodworking, has become the favorite of woodworking enthusiasts across the globe. Check out their projects and try to work on some. Enhance your knowledge and master the art!

Take some time out, research on the best chainsaws on the market and make sure to choose the best one. Avoid purchasing in a hurry and never act on the recommendations alone. Each project is different, with a unique set of needs and challenges.

So, determine your requirements, set a budget and make an informed decision. Milling is an art and can be best performed when you have the right cutting machine.

Follow the aforesaid tips and make your choice. You can’t go wrong when you have the above points on your mind!

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