Best Multitool Axe Under $30 You Will Ever Find

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What Is The Best Multi-Tool Axe?

When working around home or a fixed camping site, it’s great to have a whole toolbox or shed full of different types of tools that you might want to use. If you however go travelling, hunting, or hiking, many different tools not only take up a lot of space, but also becomes very heavy when you need to carry it with you wherever you go.

Multi tools have been along for a long time, with the Swiss army knife and the Leatherman range of multi-tools being the most well-known examples. These type of pocketknives, although very handy for general jobs, are however limited when you go camping or hiking in the bush. With these type of activities, an axe or hatchet and possibly a hammer should be an essential part of the multi-tool for it to become really handy and worthwhile having.

With these two essential items taken care of, think about which other tools should be included as being typical items that you would use while camping, hiking, or hunting. A knife blade and saw immediately come to mind, while a set of screwdrivers (both flat and Phillips or star) always come in handy. Add a bottle opener to the mix and you’ll have a Swiss army knife on steroids – it will be amped up beyond the limits of any pocketknife.

Making such a tool could be tricky – while it must be small and light enough to carry with you, preferably on your belt, it should be strong and durable enough to get the job done. With an axe and hammer of this size you would obviously not expect to be able to fell trees or drive six inch nails into wood, but it must be able to at least chop smaller branches and twigs for firewood.

When you pack the tool on your tool belt, you should never be more than an arm’s length away from just about anything you could possibly need to help make your projects go a little bit easier. 

There are numerous multi tools available on the market. By far the majority are of the pocket knife variety, but these don’t have an axe, something we were specifically looking for. Others contain things like eating utensils or has a spade as the major tool. Although there is a fair selection of multi tool axes available, some of these are little more than fancy gimmicks and will not last long or get the job done properly.

After testing many candidates, we finally settled on the Bukm Portable Axe Tool as being the best. Although it is very reasonably priced, it is manufactured to a very high quality and uses stainless steel for the various tools.

The Best Multi Tool Axe – Emergency Escape Axe Hammer

Emergency Escape Axe Hammer
Emergency Escape Axe Hammer

The Bukm Portable Axe Tool features a heavy wooden handle and several different fold-out items manufactured from stainless steel. These include an axe, a hammer, a number of blades, a bottle opener, a small saw, a wrench, and much more. Available here

The multi tool is slightly bigger and heavier than a standard pocket knife. This is good because you need at least some weight if you want to use the axe or hammer effectively. It comes in a durable nylon pouch with an attached loop that you can use to hang it from your belt. The edge of the axe is covered with a removable silicon rubber cap to prevent it from cutting the pouch, and also to protect the edge itself.

All of the mini tools fit securely into the base of the tool and the handle is secured by a little metal loop at the bottom. When the metal loop is unclipped, the metal handle can move away from the wooden one holding the other blades. This has the effect of moving the axe and hammer heads moving away from one another, forming a pair of pliers between them. This is not needle nose pliers, but rather general purpose ones. The handle is also spring loaded to open the plier once you’ve gripped something with it. The plier has serrations on a flat as well as a round surface, and also includes cutters.

For a full demonstration on how effective all the various tools are, check out this video: 


The knife blade looks and is sized pretty much like a standard Swiss army knife blade, while the bottle opener blade is combined with a wrench that can handle 4 different sized nuts. The edge of this blade is also flattened (but not sharp), so it will work as either a flat head screwdriver or a scraper.

The Phillip head screwdriver blade is of medium size, so it will be able to turn decent sized screws.

The saw blade is pretty sharp, while the last blade has a serrated edge, a nail file pattern and once again a flattened edge that can serve as a flat head screwdriver.

In spite of the number and variety of tools, the axe (or hatchet) and the hammer is what makes this tool different from you standard Leatherman type tool.

You can use the small axe for chopping little branches (up to about 1 inch in diameter) and small twigs for fire starters when you are camping. The axe also works well for splitting wood like planks if you knock the axe into the plank with another, heavier branch. As mentioned before, don’t however expect to be able to fell a tree with this axe – it’s simply too small and light for that job.

The hammer head is about 1 inch in diameter and, as the tool is made from fairly thick stainless steel, it has enough weight behind it for some decently powered blows. The shortness of the handle does however mean that you don’t really get a lot of leverage to add power to the blows when using either the axe or the hammer.

All the different blades collapse nicely on top of each other into the wood handle. It is easy to pull them all out at once. This is in fact an easier to do it and then to choose what you need and put the rest back in, rather than trying to pull just one specific blade out.

Check out the current price of this Multitool Axe on Amazon here.


The multi-tool is very durable and heavy duty and made from stainless steel with a good looking wood covering. It is however light enough to carry with you comfortably, and is a good tool to have around for occasional use and light household tasks, or when you don’t have the space to carry multiple separate tools with you. It is a great item to make a permanent part of your camping accessories.

The end of the handle has a metal attachment point for a line or wrist strap. The hatchet blade is sharp, a good reason for the silicone cap that comes on it. As a survival or escape tool this would make a great addition to your kit. The tool comes with a simple nylon sheath that has a belt loop making it easy to carry, and will be great to take with you when you go hunting, fishing, hiking or camping.

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