Chainsaw for Women – Best Option + Pictures

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Chainsaw for Women

The Black+Decker LCS1240 is an ideal chainsaw for women, due to its build quality, weight, and size.

An easy to use power tool, this compact machine is excellent for small DIY projects, cutting small branches, collecting firewood, and pruning. In this price range, you won’t find any chainsaw which offers similar performance and features.

As this is a lightweight power tool that runs on battery, it offers excellent portability. You can make adjustments to the chain tension without any tools.

There is an automatic oiling system, ensuring the chain and bar always have lubrication. Versatility and low noise are other areas where this chainsaw excels.

Why Should Women Purchase This Chainsaw?

Black+Decker LCS1240

If you look at the chainsaw market, you will observe that most of the power tools are large and heavy. Anyone who is starting in woodworking, won’t benefit from these machines, as they require high skillset for safe operation.

The Black+Decker LCS1240 is an excellent choice for women, due to the following reasons as highlighted below:

Easy to handle

Women go for the Black+Decker LCS1240, because of how easy it is to use this chainsaw. For starters, the guide bar is small, making it simple to handle the power tool.

All you need to make sure is there is adequate oil and charge the battery to operate the chainsaw. Once you complete this check, push the start button and work on your project.

The automatic oiling system in the Black+Decker LCS1240 ensures continuous application during every cutting operation. This is a blessing, as it increases the lifespan of this power tool while improving the cutting efficiency.

You don’t need any special tools, as you do for other types of chainsaws, to adjust the chain tension. The small learning curve makes this the perfect power tool for amateur woodwork.

Exceptional cutting performance

The 40V battery in the Black+Decker LCS1240 produces enough power to provide excellent performance. You can use this chainsaw for cutting small pieces of wood and trim the limbs of trees.

Coupled with the 12-inch chain and bar, the cutting speed of this power tool is similar to its gas-powered counterparts. As you continue to use this machine, you won’t notice any drop in performance. You will observe a decrease in cutting speed, only when the battery is low.

Low Maintenance

You must maintain the Black+Decker LCS1240 so that you reduce the chances of facing issues with this power tool in the future. The standard practice is to remove dust and keep the chainsaw clean. Fortunately, the other maintenance procedure you must follow is to ensure there are adequate amounts of oil in this power tool.

Black+Decker sealed off the motor components while giving the chainsaw the ability to lubricate itself. The aim is to provide smooth operation for the entire shelflife of this machine. You can access the reservoir easily, making it a straightforward process to top up the chainsaw with bar oil.

When you take a look at gas-powered chainsaws in this price range, you will have to spend a large portion of your time maintaining various components. The simplicity of the Black+Decker LCS1240 is one factor why women go for this chainsaw over other models.

No compromise safety

You won’t have to worry about accidental injury from a kickback while using the Black+Decker LCS1240. The reason is due to the front handguard, which will become active when there is uncontrollable behavior.

Also, the 12-inch bar and chain are low-kickback variants, making it safer to use than other types of chainsaws in the market. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful while operating this power tool. Make sure you go through the safety manual before you start this chainsaw for the first time.

Outstanding portability

When you put the battery in the Black+Decker LCS1240, it weighs 10.4 lbs. Any average individual won’t find it challenging to carry around this power tool.

At the same time, this chainsaw comes with a 40 V battery, giving you long operating hours in a single charge. On top of that, you don’t have to carry a can of fuel, allowing you to take other essential items with you.

You don’t have to be near a wall outlet to operate this chainsaw, as you can always swap out the battery for a new one when it runs out of charge. However, do keep in mind that it will take you 4 – 4.5 hours to recharge this chainsaw. The 2 Ah power rating of the battery will allow you to make more than 60 cuts on pine lumber in a single charge.

Superior build quality

The Black+Decker LCS1240 will be in your possession for a long time, as it contains durable and high-quality materials. Despite the plastic construction, you will still feel that this chainsaw is sturdy.

For regular use, this power tool will last long, without facing any issues. Due to the 12-inch Oregon bar and premium chain, you can rely on this chainsaw. Even if you try to move the components about, you will observe that Black+Decker installed them firmly.

What Should You Look for When Getting A Chainsaw For Women?

Women woodworking enthusiasts have specific requirements, as the ones highlighted below:

Adequate cutting power

Most of the DIY and woodworking projects don’t involve the use of materials such as cherry, hickory, ash, and oak. These types of hardwood require large amounts of cutting power.

It isn’t necessary to get chainsaws with high performance unless you have to cut through these types of materials. Most of the power tools will have enough cutting power to meet your needs.

Electric power over gas power

Going for chainsaws with electric motors will always be beneficial in almost every scenario. As the torque of this power tool is instantaneous, you can cut through wood with high sap or fiber content. The initial cut from an electric motor chainsaw will always be smooth and clean.

Another problem with gas-powered chainsaws is the noise levels they produce during operation. The high decibel level will not only irritate you but also your neighbors. The gas-powered chainsaws have a large number of moving parts.

As a result, you have to keep a close eye on a myriad of components, to ensure optimal performance. For example, you have to clean the chainsaw’s air filter, replace its spark plug, check its fuel filter, and clean the bar and chain regularly.

Ergonomic design

It isn’t always true that a lightweight chainsaw will be easy to handle. The manufacturer should focus on the ergonomics of the power so that you can take advantage of the low mass.

Any chainsaw you purchase from the market should make you feel comfortable when you operate it. Also, it shouldn’t hurt your posture as you use this power tool.

The front and rear grips should have adequate space so that you can have a firm grip on the chainsaw during operation. Also, this will help you counter kickbacks if they occur.

If there is rubber or foam padding on the grip of the power tool, this is a bonus as you can use this machine for long periods.

Focus on safety

As chainsaws are power tools, safety should be a number one priority when it comes to buying these machines. They can inflict serious and significant injuries if you don’t focus while operating this instrument.

When you are in the market for a new chainsaw for women, make sure the chain the power tool uses produces low kickback. A kickback is dangerous, as the blade of the machine will come towards you at high speeds.

Long battery life

Always make sure you go through the spec sheet of the chainsaw before you purchase it. Make sure that the power tool you pick up has a lithium-ion battery. The reason is that these types of batteries have better energy density.

Also, they don’t have memory effect, which decreases the longevity of the charge. This is due to incomplete discharge, a common problem among batteries that use other types of materials, such as nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries.

A common practice among manufacturers is to list out only the voltage rating of the battery. Don’t purchase the chainsaw by only looking at this figure. You should also check the Ah rating of the battery, as this determines the current supply during operation.

Happy with the information available in this guide for chainsaw for women? You will find similar extensive manuals on this site. Also, you get access to a wide variety of woodworking schematics, for every skill level.

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