Columbus Axe Throwing – 5 Great Ranges

columbus axe throwing

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If you participate in the Columbus axe throwing scene, odds are you’ve heard of some of these places. This budding sport is leading to scenes in cities all over the county, from competitive circuits to casual throwing lanes. Whether you’re a pro or a first timer, anyone can enjoy this pastime.

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And the Top Spot Is…

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Dueling Axes

Most of the throwing industry is dominated by large chains that have mastered the axe throwing formula. But in Columbus, you actually have mostly local ranges, either being standalone venues or part of regional chains. Dueling Axes is one of these local places, and offers a great family experience.

This is one of the only ranges on this list that focuses solely on axe throwing, with a few extra options to shake things up. So while some of these ranges prioritize laser tag, beer pong, or other sports, Dueling Axes is all about axe throwing.

Prices are pretty standard, starting out at $35 per person per hour. 2 hours drips the price down to $55 per person, and group events are even more affordable. This place lets you rent the whole range for $750 for up to 40 people, if you’re planning the next office party.

You can’t buy food or alcohol on the premises, but you can bring your own. They welcome anything that maximizes your experience, and also offer leagues. So whether you’re looking for a place to practice for competition or just to relax, this is the range to do it.

Throw Nation

As we just mentioned, most of these ranges offer more than axe throwing, and that’s definitely the case with Throw Nation. Alongside Axe throwing, they offer beer frisbee, football bowling, and throwing baseballs at ceramic. They really focus on any form of leisurely throwing, with the aim of maximizing your fun.

They offer beer on site, and promise a night of fun, axes, and breaking things. If you’re looking for a place to practice axe throwing for competition, this is definitely not the way to go. Otherwise, you’ll really love what this range has to offer.

Prices are pretty low, starting at $20 an hour for walk ins. Prices get lower with reservations and with larger groups, and other games are cheaper. So if you’re really trying to cut some stress after work, this is a great place to go.

Coliseum X

Coliseum X is focused on safe, satisfying combat experiences. Their main draw is that they focus on what they call extreme laser tag. They also offer axe throwing as well as an arcade, giving any group plenty to do. Just like with Throw Nation, the goal here is not to perfect your axe throwing.

Prices are average, starting at $30 per hour for axe throwing, but that’s not what they’re encouraging you to do. Coliseum X pushes you towards laser tag, so if you’re just looking to throw an axe in peace, you’ll want to pass this range up.

Capital Axe Throwing

Like we said before, the axe throwing industry is dominated by large chains who have perfected the axe throwing formula. Capital Axe Throwing has a pretty unique approach to indoor axe throwing, with an interesting pricing scheme.

Usually you have a walk-in price, a reservation price, and a group price. But at this venue, you have a practice throw price, a “show” price, and coming soon, leagues. So this place is great for both learning to throw, honing your skills, and showing off as you compete with your friends.

This range is excellent for anyone, whether you’re casually tossing or a budding professional. They may not offer the party atmosphere that you can find at other local ranges, you do get an authentic, professional throwing experience. And soon they’ll offer leagues, which is the perfect place to test your skills.

Perfecting Your Toss

columbus axe throwing

Throwing axes are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of axe. While you can still see plenty of bushcraft axes in stores and find viking axe enthusiasts, more people want to throw. Nothing really beats sinking that sharpened axe into a wooden target.

Just like in our guides on San Diego axe throwing, Dallas axe throwing, and Arizona axe throwing, this guide will cover the 5 top ranges in town. Whether you’re looking for some light competition or just want to throw some steel for fun, you should check out any of these venues.

Axe throwing is like the new bowling, or like a more satisfying version of darts. Soon, we’ll see more and more of these ranges popping up, making them a great place to knock back a few and relax with some light competition.

Whether you’re practicing for the next competition or just want a new hobby for the weekends, axe throwing is a great pastime. It’s relaxing, satisfying, and fun for anyone, so give one of these ranges a try on your next night out.

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