Dallas Axe Throwing – The 5 Best Ranges

Dallas Axe Throwing

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If you’re a fan of throwing axes and you live in Dallas, odds are you’ve been to one of these ranges. In this guide to Dallas axe throwing, we’ll look at 5 of the best ranges in town. This is one of the hotspots for indoor ranges, so you’ll easily be able to find a range that meets your needs.

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And the Top Spot Is…

If you’d like your throwing range to appear in the top spot, contact us to find out how you can rank as the best throwing range in Dallas.

Fort Worth Axe Factory

The axe throwing craze started in Canada, only recently spreading to the US. So most of the major axe throwing chains are actually Canadian. Even though It isn’t one of the major chains, most of Fort Worth Axe Factory’s ranges are from Canada. They don’t have a huge presence in the US, but they are in Dallas, TX.

This range is pretty small, and is best for seasoned veterans looking to practice their toss. They have a small group price of just over $25 per person per hour, but if you have 4 or more people, it drops to just under $24 per person for 2 hours, less than half of the price. Like most ranges, they favor more people.

Lots of ranges like to add a party element, offering food and alcohol. But Fort Worth Axe Factory is all about the toss, giving you a barebones range to practice in peace. Unless you live out in the sticks, you’ll have a tough time practicing at home. This range offers you a sharp blade, a range, and a target, which is all you need.

Axe throwing is a great way to bond, celebrate, blow off steam, and build camaraderie. That’s why most places have special packages for team building and corporate events. If you’re planning something for the office, tossing steel into wood is a great way to do it.

Class Axe

Class Axe is a much more upbeat alternative to Fort Worth Axe Factory. Instead of a calm environment for practicing your toss, Class Axe is all about the competition. It’s a lot like cage fighting, without the fighting. Two contestants enter into the cage with axes and compete as their friends and fans watch.

Just like with any range, Class Axe really pushes large groups and corporate team building. So it’s $32 per 90 minute session for individuals, but the price drops for bigger groups and corporate events. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or team building, this range is a great choice.

It’s upbeat, loud, and perfect for nearly any party occasion. So while ae throwing pros may not be able to proactive for an upcoming competition, beginners will love the atmosphere. You get on-site instruction and get to whirl metal into wood, perfect for any event.

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing is, without a doubt, the largest name in axe throwing. Starting out in Canada, they’ve dominated the axe throwing market in the US, with dozens of locations all over the country. They’re one of the few chains with more locations in America than in Canada.

They have a party atmosphere, but also offer great lanes that any professional would want to practice on. So whether you’re looking for a place to have a great time on a weekend out, or you’re trying to perfect your toss for the next competition, This is a great spot to do it.

Prices are cheaper in Dallas compared to other cities, starting at as low as $20 per person for walk ins. Of course, as you add on more people, the price drops, pushing you more towards larger groups.


This last range is actually really unique. While most of these venues have been ranges that are located in a single location, Wivot is actually a mobile range. So instead of going to a bar to toss some steel, wiot brings the throwing to you.

Needless to say, there is no “walk in” price for Wivot. All of their services have to be booked, making them a poor choice for a casual throwing experience. However, if you’re setting up a fundraiser or trying to host a home event, Wivot brings the range to you.

Perfecting Your Throw

Dallas Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is the next bowling, or a more satisfying version of darts. In the next few years, we’ll be seeing more and more of these ranges pop up, letting anyone become a master at this new sport.

Of all of the types of axes, throwing axes have the fastest growing community. So while you can find avid fans of model viking axes or bushcraft axes, they aren’t growing as fast as throwing axes. That’s because nothing really beats the feeling of sinking a well sharpened axe into a hunk of wood.

Just like in our guides to San diego axe throwing and Brooklyn axe throwing, these ranges will each offer a satisfying throwing experience. From simple indoor ranges to bars that offer throwing, each of these spots will have something that brings you back.

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