Dayton Axe Throwing – 5 Top Ranges

Dayton axe throwing

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The Dayton axe throwing scene is surprisingly healthy, with plenty of ranges to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, you’ll want to check one of these ranges out.

They can be a great place to relax with friends, have a great night out, or even practice your throw for competition. Just get out there and give it a toss.

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And the Top Spot Is…

If you’d like your throwing range to appear in the top spot, contact us to find out how you can rank as the best throwing range in Paramus.

Class Axe

The bulk of the axe throwing ranges you see are actually parts of larger chains. Class Axe is one of these chains, offering a pretty streamlined experience. This means that you’ll be getting a reliable, enjoyable time throwing axes for a pretty competitive cost point. This range is great for both newcomers and pros.

They charge $32 per thrower for walk ins, and they have a separate corporate rate. Most ranges really push you towards groups, usually offering some sort of bundle discount for groups of over 4 or 6. But here, they don’t really do that, aside from their corporate rate. This venue is great for just popping in and tossing some iron.

They also offer leagues, so if you’re the competitive type, this range is for you. You get to practice your skills in peace, and then when it matters you go head to head with other like-minded axe throwers. It’s the perfect way to really show off your tossing skills.

Urban Axes

Urban Axes is going to be one of the best ranges you can find in all of Ohio. It’s another one of those national franchises we mentioned, but it comes with some extra perks that really make it stand out. This is actually the Cincinnati location, but it’s close enough that we’ll include it on this list.

Pricing works like most ranges, with a simple walk-in price, starting at $22 per hour. As you book more people, prices drop, making it more cost effective. There’s nothing special about this ranges pricing scheme, though it’s nice to have something simple and standard.

They also offer leagues, just like Class Axe. So if you’ve been honing your tossing skills, leagues are a great way to show off your skills. You can enroll for the whole season up front, getting a pretty big discount.

The real draw of this range is that it’s actually a fully licensed bar. So if you’re looking to have a real party, then you want to check this venue out. They have the axes and the beer, so all you have to do is knock back a few and throw.

Wild Axe Throwing

If you want something a little closer to Dayton proper, and something with a no-frills approach to axe throwing, then you want Wild axe throwing. This range offers you a basic pricing scheme with a fantastic service, and they offer as much as any other range.

Walk-in prices start at $30 per person per hour, and that’s it. There’s no group pricing or push to bring more people. They do have a discount for booking the whole range, but that’s pretty standard at any entertainment complex. They also offer leagues, if you want to show your competitive side.

In addition to this pricing scheme, they also serve alcohol. So you don’t have to rely on neighboring taverns and restaurants to get your drinks before or after. Just show up, drink, and toss a few axes.

Full Throttle Indoor Karting

We’ve also covered this in our Cincinnati guide, but it’s exciting enough to mention on this list. This odd mix of activities actually works out really well, splitting your attention between go-karting and axe throwing. You really get to let the adrenaline out at this place.

They don’t focus on axe throwing, so they don’t have a particularly robust pricing scheme. A lane costs $20 per person per hour, and that’s it.

Mastering Your Throw

Dayton axe throwing

We’ve also done guides on Cincinnati axe throwing and Columbus axe throwing. In all of these guides, we’re going over the 5 best ranges in town. Each one has a slightly different take on axe throwing, but they’re all equally dedicated to the sport. So whether you’re trying to get competitive or just relax, check one of these ranges out.

Throwing axes are quickly replacing both bushcraft axes and viking axes as the most popular axe in the US. They may not be as practical or as showy, but they’re incredibly fun. Nothing really beats throwing axes right into the bullseye, especially when you’ve properly sharpened your axe. It just sinks right in.

This interesting sport is taking the US by storm. It’s fun, easy, and anyone can experience the satisfying “thud” of hitting the target. Start practicing now, because in a few years, all of your friends will be tossing too. Get a head start so you can show your skills off when it does pick up.

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