Detroit Axe Throwing – 5 Hot Ranges

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Detroit is famous for being the original hub of the car industry and for the birth of Rock n Roll. But it also has a pretty great axe throwing scene, which is what we’ll be covering in this guide to Detroit axe throwing. From mom n pop shops to chains, we’ll cover what you need to know about the throwing scene in this city.

Detroit Axe Throwing map

And the Top Spot Is…

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Backyard Axe Throwing League

The Backyard Axe Throwing League is one of the biggest chains in this new market. Right behind Bad Axe Throwing and Bury the Hatchet, BATL is one of the most common ranges to pop up in most major US cities. They’re a little pricier, but offer one of the best venues for indoor throwing.

While most indoor ranges focus on walk ins and small groups, BATL, as the name suggests, focuses on throwing leagues and competitions. So while you can to a walk-in for $40 per person, they really push you to sign up for one of their competitive leagues.

Whether or not you join a league, they have fantastic service. You rent your own lane and have access to a dedicated coach. You also get up to 2.5 hours of throwing in, letting you blow off some steam after work, or practice for you next upcoming competition.

Total Axe

Total Axe has to be one of the more interesting ranges on this list. While most venues will allow walk-ins, they almost always focus on groups, parties, and leagues. But Total Axe is the opposite, focusing almost entirely on walk-ins, with the occasional party renting out the venue.

They’re also the only range we’ve covered that offers partial hours. So while nearly any place charges by the hour, Total Axe charges you for however long you stay at a rate of $20 per hour. So if you stay for an hour and fifteen minutes, you only pay $25. This makes it a great place to stroll in and out in the middle of a pub crawl.

They have a waiting list, so make sure that you’re calling ahead to see how long you’ll be waiting. During peak hours, they’ll actually combine small groups, so just make sure you’re comfortable tossing with strangers. Otherwise, they’re pretty hands off, so this place really targets veteran throwers.

Bad Axe Throwing

This is, without a doubt, the largest name in throwing axes. The sport first became popular in Canada, but thanks to large chains like Bad Axe Throwing, it’s worked its way down to the US. Now, we can enjoy this incredibly satisfying pastime on a casual night out, or for parties, or just to kill some time.

Axe throwing is uncharted territory. Like bowling, it’s more about knocking back a few drinks and having some light competition with friends. But because of local regulations, axe throwing is different in every state or city. Some of Bad Axe Throwing’s locations serve food and drink, but they aren’t able to in Detroit.

Fortunately they let you bring your own food and drink, letting you maximize your time out. Prices start at $20 per hour, and get lower as you add more people. You get your own lane and coach, so this place is perfect for beginners. If you’re looking for something new to do on a weekend out, this is a great spot.

Detroit Axe

Detroit Axe is one of the more all-around ranges in the city. So while BATL focuses on leagues and Total Axe is about walk-ins, Detroit Axe has something for everyone. They seem to equally prioritize walk-ins, large groups, and leagues, making them perfect for nearly every situation.

They do mention that you’ll want to call ahead, since they don’t always have lanes available for walk-ins. Otherwise, you’ll love sinking metal into wood, whether it;s with a couple of friends or as a part of one of their leagues.

Perfecting Your Toss

Detroit Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a growing sport, and ranges like these are what keep it going. So whether you’re planning your next office party or you want to find a new hobby, these places are your go-to.

Not every city is as lucky as Detroit when it comes to axe bars. There’s already a full scene in this city, while other towns have just a range or two. With a few more years, we’ll hopefully see this industry grow into a full sport, with ranges in every town.

Just like in our previous entries on San Diego axe throwing, Brooklyn axe throwing, and Chicago axe throwing, this guide will cover the 5 best places to sink some metal into some wood. Some of these places are just ranges, while others are full on bars, giving you a party experience.

Throwing axes are becoming one of the most popular types of axe. While people usually picture bushcraft axes or viking axes, this sport is changing the landscape. So if you’re looking for a new pass time, then give axe throwing a shot.

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