Fiskars Axe Review – Variety Cutting Tools

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When it comes to picking an axe for your next heavy duty outdoor job, you can’t go wrong with Fiskars. For centuries, they’ve been producing premium splitting axes, machetes, and mauls. If you’re looking for high end craftsmanship and a tool that’ll last, look no farther than Fiskars.

While they really specialize in a few types of axes, this brand can get you the quality you need out of what they offer. Their X series is one of the premium lineups of wood cutting tools out there, with modern engineering and design to ensure comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

This Fiskars axe review will have 6 different styles of cutting tools – specifically designed for different jobs.

Overview of Fiskars

It’s not often that modern day businesses date back more than 100 years. But Fiskars was established in 1649, as a forge in the Finnish village of Fiskars. That’s just a testament to the heritage and lineage of quality design and construction behind the company.

Today, the company focuses on woodcutting outdoor products. Whether it’s shears or axes, you can get the tool you need. The company focuses on work tools, so while you can use their axes for camping and hunting, you’ll really want to look at these as utility axes rather than recreational ones.

The lineup we’re looking at today will focus primarily on the X series, which are all top-quality splitting axes. They have different sizes and handle shapes to ensure that, no matter what you’re cutting, you’ll be able to get the job done. We’ll also look at their bush axe and their multi-purpose maul.

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

This is the largest axe offered by the X series. It’s designed for taller users to ensure that you can get a full swing in for that cut. It’s specially crafted to reduce the strain on your hands, and to make it easier to pull the axe from the wood.

Using premium materials and an extra long handle, the Fiskars X27 is one of the best tools for any splitting job. Rather than wood, it opts for an extra durable, shock absorbent composite handle for maximum comfort.

  • Total Weight: 6.28 lb
  • Length with handle: 36 inches
  • Handle: DuraFrame
  • Steel: Forged steel
  • Price: See Current Price Here

The Bit

The head of the axe is made with modern beveling and contours to ensure that you won’t get the axe stuck in the wood. So even when you don’t get that one-swing split, you’ll easily get in another swing.

The forged steel is durable and rust proof, and the axe comes with a heavy duty sheath to ensure easy storage. The bit is also specially designed to maximize the efficiency of your swing. It has a balance that makes your strikes more accurate and hard hitting.

The Shaft

The shaft is made by DuraFrame, and is specially crafted for comfort. It’s contoured and shock absorbent, minimizing the impact on your hands when the bit meets the wood.

The extra length is perfect for taller users, ensuring that the axe hits the wood at a comfortable height. The extra length also packs more force into the swing, making your cuts faster and more efficient.

Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe

The Fiskars X25 is the most versatile tool in the X series lineup. The 28” length is a one-size-fits-all solution, letting anyone take full advantage of this axe’s modern engineering and design. Just like the other options in the X series, this axe is designed to maximize efficiency and comfort.

Modern materials and craftsmanship come together to make this axe as comfortable and hard hitting as possible. Fiskars wants you to get as many 1-swing cuts as possible, and this axe is one of the best options to do that.

  • Total Weight: 4.03 lb
  • Length with handle: 28 inches
  • Handle: DuraFrame
  • Steel: Forged steel
  • Price: See Current Price Here

The Bit

When you’re looking at axes, the bit is one of the most important things to factor in. The head of this axe is designed to make it easy to pull out of the wood. Curves and modern geometry also maximize the amount of energy transferring into the wood, making it easier to get a single swing split.

The head is made of forged steel for durability, making axe sharpening easier and less frequent. The heavy duty sheath makes storage easy, ensuring that your axe will stay in top condition for longer.

The Shaft

The shaft is what determines the axes ease of use, and the X25’s shaft does a great job of it. The 28 inches are perfect for getting a full arc if you’re not overly tall or short, making sure that you hit the wood with full force at a comfortable height.

The DuraFrame material makes this axe more comfortable to hold. It absorbs shock, reducing the strain on your hands, and it won’t snap from ordinary use. The contours ensure that you’ll comfortably be able to grip the handle.

Fiskars X15 Splitting Axe

If you’re not quite tall enough for the X25, or you want something more affordable or portable, then the Fiskars X15 was made for you. It’s a bit smaller than the standard X25, making it comfortable for shorter users, and adds to portability.

If you’re hiking out to do some woodwork, this reduced size and weight can be a great option to save on space. Or if you just need something cheap yet reliable for a one-time job, this is the way to go.

  • Total Weight: 3.4 lb
  • Length with handle: 23.5 inches
  • Handle: DuraFrame
  • Steel: Forged steel
  • Price: See Current Price Here

The Bit

Just like with the X25 and the X27, the head of the blade is sharp, sturdy, and designed for usability. Modern contouring, geometry, and balancing make it so that the maximum energy transfers from your swing to the cut.

The only major drawback to an axe of this size and weight is that you won’t get the same swing out of it. The blade will still cut, but you won’t be getting as many single swing cuts out of it.

The Shaft

The shaft of this axe is pretty short, which can limit this axe’s usability. It’s more affordable and portable than larger options, but you’ll be doing a bit more work. It’s probably too long to use with one hand, and too short to get a full swing for most users.

The X15 still shares all of the engineering and design of the other options, at leas. You have a shock absorbant handle that’s both durable and comfortable. While you may be swinging more, you’ll be comfortable while you do it.

Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe

The Fiskars X11 is a one-handed axe that’s affordable, durable, and is a great side or backup tool. You won’t be cutting down trees, but it’s a great tool to whip out to split a piece of wood. Its size and material even make it a decent bushcraft axe, working for much more than just splitting.

This tool is not supposed to be a substitute for the larger options in the X series. It has many of the same design features, but it’s meant for smaller tasks. That being said, it’s highly versatile, and is one of the most affordable options from Fiskars.

  • Total Weight: 2.2 lb
  • Length with handle: 17 inches
  • Handle: DuraFrame
  • Steel: Forged steel
  • Price: See Current Price Here

The Bit

You still get the modern engineering to ensure that the axe pulls out of the wood just fine. You still get the heavy duty forged steel to ensure a precise, easy cut. And you still get the durable sheath to ensure that you can properly store your axe.

But the difference comes from the amount of energy you can get out of a swing. Because this axe is smaller, you’re just not going to get that heavy, powerful cut. You’ll really want to rely on this tool as a backup, or for smaller, simpler tasks.

The Shaft

The shaft is just under a foot and a half. This makes it perfect for one-handed use, and you still get all of the shock absorption, comfort, and durability that you find in the other X series axes. You just won’t really be using it with both hands.

This axe is perfect to keep around the house in case you need to quickly cut a small limb off a tree, or split a small piece of wood. You can even take this thing camping for an all-purpose tool.

Fiskars Brush Axe

Now that we’ve covered the X series, let’s look at some of the other options from Fiskars. This Brush axe is really just a machete, but shares many of the design features of the axes in the X series lineup.

While you can’t chop down a tree with this thing, you’ll be able to hack away at brush and thick bushes. This is perfect for outdoor work in overgrown areas, or you can use it for recreation when you’re out backpacking or hunting.

  • Total Weight: 1.3 lb
  • Length with handle: 19 inches
  • Handle: DuraFrame
  • Steel: Hardened steel
  • Price: See Current Price Here

The Blade

The hardened steel, ultra sharp blade is about 10 inches. This makes it pretty easy to transport, and lets you cut through thin and medium thick brushes. Like most of the options from Fiskars, this machete comes with a sheath.

It’s important to note that long blades are much more dangerous than axes. Because the weight and length make it much easier to cut, you have to really be careful when using a machete. It doesn’t handle like an axe, so make sure to get used to the tool before actually using it.

The Shaft

The shaft is 9 inches long, and is made from the same DuraFrame composite as the options in the X series lineup. It’s balanced to make sure that you can comfortably hold the blade and get a smooth, clean swing.

Fiskars IsoCore Maul

Mauls are a type of axe that specialize in splitting wood, but uses weight and force rather than a sharp bit. The Fiskars IsoCore Maul is a 2-in-1, with a splitting wedge on one side and a driving hammer on the other.

  • Total Weight: 8 lb
  • Length with handle: 36 inches
  • Handle: IsoCore
  • Steel: Forged steel
  • Price: See Current Price Here

The Bit

The head is made of forged steel, but is not nearly as sharp as the X series. The wedge side is more blunt than an axe, and the additional weight lets you swing down on wood with more force. This causes the wood to break in half.

The driving hammer side of the bit makes this a multi-purpose tool. In addition to easily splitting wood, you can drive stakes with this heavy-duty hammer head. This is a great tool to keep around, especially if you live in a forested area.

The Shaft

Rather than the DuraFrame handle that we see in many Fiskars products, this one has an IsoCore handle made in-house. It’s designed to handle the additional force that you get from the extra weight of the maul. Just like the other options, it’s durable, and absorbs the impact to make sure your hands are comfortable.

Which Axe Should I Choose?

How to Chose the right Fiskars Axe

You always need to pick your tools based off of the job. You want them to be comfortable and easy to use, and you want it to be as efficient as possible at finishing the task.

The X11 is probably the most versatile tool on this list, but can’t get heavy duty tasks done. The IsoCore Maul will do a lot of heavy duty tasks, but may be too big to comfortably use. The most all-around balance of sturdiness and comfort is probably the X25 (here), but it’s up to you to assess what the job requires.

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