Fiskars X27 Review – Chopping Power

Fiskars X27 Review

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When you’re preparing firewood for a camping trip, or you need to do some foresting work in the backyard, you want to turn to an axe. But some axes work better than others for certain tasks, and splitting mauls are ideal for big cutting jobs.

Fiskars is a Finnish company that makes a wide range of woodworking tools and cutting materials, most notably scissors. Their current top-selling line of axes is the X series, with a wide range of tools for any job.

The X27 is a splitting maul that has all of the cutting power and force you need to do those large splitting jobs. Its length is designed for taller users, but anyone can use this powerful chopping tool to get the job done.

In this Fiskars X27 review we’re going to look at what makes this powerful tool work so well. From the full 36 inch length to the sleek FiberComp handle to the pure forged steel head, this tool is one of the best out their for tough jobs.

A Quick Look

The Fiskars X27 is a versatile splitting maul geared towards heavy-duty axe users who have big jobs. It’s pretty heavy, and its length gives it an incredibly powerful swing. It has a very competitive price point, and it’s great for any heavy chopping job.

The FiberComp handle is 36 inches long, and is contoured for maximum comfort and usability. 36 inches is generally the longest you’ll ever see an ae get. While Fiskars states that this axe is meant for users with an above-average height, you actually find 36 inch axes meant for general use all the time.

The head is made of forged steel and is 4 pounds, making it a fantastic chopping tool. While it’s not as heavy as some mauls, it’s much heavier than your average chopping or splitting axe. This is ideal for getting even more force into your swing, whether it’s a horizontal or a vertical strike.

The price of this axe is also competitive. While many tools in the X series line run a bit cheaper than this one, you really don’t see mauls this cheap with the durability and quality this one has. Many near-professional level tools like this one run well over $100, or even more.

  • Total Weight: 6.83 pounds
  • Head Weight: 4 pounds
  • Length with handle: 36 inches
  • Handle: FiberComp
  • Steel: Forged Steel
  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Price: $65 – $80 (Check Current Price Here)

Fiskars Overview

Fiskars is one of the oldest continuous businesses in the world. It started out as a forge in the Finnish village of Fiskars, making tools for the town all the way back in 1649. Few businesses today date back more than a few decades, let alone a few centuries.

The company was a community forge until the 1800s, where it began to make products for the textile industry. Here, they made products for sewing factories like shears and scissors. As it would turn out, they hit it big with scissors, giving us the modern design that we use today.

Even today, the company is primarily known for its bright orange scissors, but they make a variety of other cutting tools, like axes. In recent years, they’ve packed centuries of innovation and craftsmanship into their X line of axes. This is their flagship series for woodcutting.

The Fiskars story is all about steady, reliable quality and constant innovation. They don’t try to improve what’s already working well, so they turn to new areas. With these axes, it’s their FiberComp material in the handle that makes them stand out from the rest.

The Head

The head of this axe is heavy and centered, making it a powerful chopping tool

The head is the primary component of the axe that does the chopping. Everything from the shape to the weight affect how the axe cuts, and what type of cutting it’s good for. Making sure that your axe has the right head is essential to getting an axe that perfectly suits your needs.

The Fiskars X27 has a high quality head that’s perfect for either vertical or horizontal cuts. It’s ideal for heavy chopping, and is balanced to ensure that you’re getting maximum force out of your swing.


The head of this axe is made of pure forged steel, which is one of the best materials you can get for an axe head. Cheaper tools will use tempered or moulded steel, which doesn’t hold up to the integrity you find in forged steel.

Fiskars has fully embraced mass production, which means that these heads are produced on an assembly line. A company like Gransfors Bruks has a single craftsman make each tool from start to finish for unrivalled quality, but it brings the price up.

Fortunately, Fiskars has enough quality behind their work to ensure that this tool is durable, reliable, and highly effective. It may not have that craft behind it, but it’s not going to be falling apart on you anytime soon.


The head is very large, which is ideal for splitting mauls and chopping axes. The head weighs 4 pounds, making up about 60% of the weight. This is actually a pretty low ratio between the head and the handle, but Fiskars makes up for that with the length of the handle and the shape of the head.

The head is fairly compact, which means that the weight is more concentrated around the tip of the handle. So while a double sided axe or a longer cheek sees more of the weight distributed across the handle, this axe puts all 4 pounds right at the end of the tool.

Combine that with the near 7 pound total weight of this axe and the 36 inch length, and you have an axe head that’s going to get great, powerful cuts effortlessly. Plus, it comes with a rubber sheath that makes storage and transportation easier.

The Handle

A comfortable, durable handle is vital to having a great axe

The handle of an axe is the place where you interact with the tool. It’s what makes it comfortable and easy to use, and is a huge part of where you get the power of your swing. Making sure you’re able to get the right grip with an axe is fundamental to choosing the right option.

The Fiskars X27 really shines with the handle. This axe has a 36 inch handle made of their patented DuraComp technology, which is shock absorbant, durable, and comfortable. It’s also a huge part of what makes this quality axe so affordable, so let’s look at how this handle works.


The most common handle material is wood, usually hickory. It’s sturdy yet flexible, breathable, and has a classic look. Pair that with a nice finish and some contouring and you have an incredibly elegant tool that also feels great.

Other common materials include steel, with brands like Estwing having one-piece axes with rubber grips attached. This is the most affordable way to make an axe. You also see fiberglass handles, which also keep costs low.

FiberComp is a material designed and patented by Fiskars. This powerful and innovative material is durable, comfortable, and flexible, all while being affordable. It’s the secret to why this axe can maintain quality and usability without costing a fortune.

You won’t find anything from other brands like Helko, Husqvarna, Hultafors, or Collins with this material. Only Fiskars uses it. Though some purists dislike artificial handles, preferring the raw natural feel of a hickory shaft.


The X27 has a pretty lng handle, coming in at 36 inches. This is the longest you ever really see for an axe, and it helps magnify the power and force of your swing. Fiskars states that the length is intended for larger users, but anyone should be able to use this axe for a powerful cut.

The longer the handle, the more force you’re going to get out of the swing, which is why chopping and splitting axes tend to be at least 2 feet long. With this axe you’re going to have an easy time getting a one-swing chop, especially with the weight of the head.

What the Fiskars X27 Is Best For

This is a splitting maul, so it’ll ideally be used for vertical strikes to split wood and logs, but can also be used horizontally on trees. It doesn’t need to be ultra-sharp for these cuts, so it isn’t fine enough for more precise wood work.

The axe is too big for finer cuts and outdoor work. You’ll need to save those jobs for hatchets and carpenter’s tools. The price is great for what you’re getting, but it’s not as versatile as other options.


  • Powerful chopping and splitting power
  • Durable materials and build
  • Big enough for large cutting jobs


  • Not easily portable
  • Not good for precise cutting work.

How Does it Compare?

If you want something else, you have plenty of options to choose from

If this axe doesn’t do the trick for you, consider getting another option instead. You’ll be able to find plenty of tools that have a range of applications to suit your needs. Whether you want a hatchet or a splitting axe, check out one of these other options.

For a solid splitting axe, check out the Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe. This powerful tool is medium-long and designed for nearly any cutting task. It’s highly versatile, making ideal for any user, though it has a premium cost.

For finer jobs, check out the Husqvarna Carpenter’s Axe. This small axe is specially designed to work as both a foresting tool and a carpentry tool. It’s designed to be easy to hold for more delicate carving, while also working as a bushcraft axe.

Should You Get the Fiskars X27?

This axe is great for anyone who needs to do some serious chopping and splitting. If you have a few trees you need to take care of, this axe is a great way to do it. If you just need something to take camping, this might not be the way to go, so only use it for heavy chopping.

Fiskars has been making fine, powerful tools for centuries. Whether they’re scissors or axes, you’re going to get a sturdy product with Fiskars. The X series is just the most recent example of a powerful tool from this company.

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