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Hults Bruk Aneby Review

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When you’re preparing for your next California camping or New Mexico camping adventure, or when you’re trying to do some serious yard work, you want to make sure you have a sturdy, reliable axe. Whether it’s for recreation or for work, this tool has been around for centuries for a reason.

A Quick Look

While most brands use practical names for their tool, like the Estwing Camper’s Axe or the Husqvarna Carpenter’s Axe, Hults Bruk gets creative with their names. Alongside tools like the Hults Bruk Akka, the Aneby takes its name from Swedish culture, being named after a village.

  • Total Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Head Weight: 2 pounds
  • Length with handle: 20 inches
  • Handle: Hickory
  • Steel: Swedish Forged Steel
  • Country of origin: Sweden
  • Price: $145-165 (Check Current Price Here)

This axe is one of the finest out there, sparing no expense when it comes to creating the perfect tool. While you can turn to more affordable options if you’re on a budget, you can’t really beat this one if you’re truly trying to get the perfect axe. It’s versatile, durable, and powerful.

Of course, the biggest drawback is the price. If you aren’t a professional chopper, you may not get the value you want out of this tool. You really only want to consider this thing if you’re a serious collector. But if you do go for it, you’ll have one of the finest axes on the market.

From the forged steel head to the hickory handle, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about this axe. It’s a medium length, sitting at 20 inches, straddling the border between axe and hatchet. Whether you’re looking for a camping axe, a hunting axe, or even a combat axe, this one does it for you.

While most axe brands like Husqvarna or Hultafors try to target the affordable market, and some like Prandi and Estwing go for the budget market, a few brands target the high end camper. In this Hults Bruk Aneby review, we talk about one of the finest bushcraft axes out there.

The Aneby is a premium take on a common type of axe. Along with throwing axes and viking axes, forestry hatchets are a huge part of the axe market. While it can be tough to get a great, premium quality cutting tool, Hults Bruk is one of the names that delivers unrivaled quality.

From the powerful craftsmanship to the stellar usability, we’re going to discuss what makes this tool so great. This tool is for the serious axe wielder, so if you’re just casually chopping wood, you may want to pass this up. But if you want only the best quality, you want to turn to this tool.

Hults Bruk Overview

Hults Bruk has been in continuous operation since 1697, making it one of the oldest companies on earth. Like many of the big Scandinavian companies, this brand started out as a public Forge in a Swedish village. Bruk just means workshop, and for over a century, it made tools for the locals.

After being passed around for a few generations, the company became privately owned. They started to become real innovators in the forestry industry, making affordable, decent quality tools. By the twentieth century, they would take on some new ideas to become truly competitive.

American factories inspired Hults Bruk to streamline their process, letting them get an edge in the market. They would end up becoming one of the finest names in the axe industry, and by the mid twentieth century, they were one of the top axe makers.

As chainsaws took over, Hults Bruk lost its independence, being passed around between holding companies. Today, Hults Bruk is owned by Hultafors, making axes under names of both brands. Hultafors axes are the sturdy, affordable option, while Hults Bruk is the premium, luxury offering.

The Head

Hults Bruk Aneby head

The head of any axe is one of the most important parts of the tool, and is where the bulk of the construction goes. The head needs to be balanced and durable without being too heavy. It also needs to be shaped right to maximize the impact from your swing.

The Aneby has a head that will transfer the energy from your swing into the wood, making for a truly powerful cut. It’s shaed and balanced so that you’ll have no trouble guiding your swing. Most importantly, it’s made of a high quality steel that makes sure your blade stays sharp no matter what.


For some reason, the Scandinavians have mastered the art of forging steel, which is why their axes dominate the market. Forged steel is the highest quality, outranking both tempered and moulded steel. The Hults Bruk Aneby is made of pure Swedish forged steel, making it one of the best axe heads out there.

If you’re an avid fan of axe construction, you know that the highest quality axes have no extra coatings. Cheaper forges will use paint and other coatings to cover up any blemishes. But if you get into the higher end craftsmanship, the only thing on the end of the handle is pure forged steel.

The bit and cheek are made of forged steel, which is more malleable, but the blade is made of tempered steel. This extra bit of construction is a staple on higher end axes, and ensures that the blade stays sharp after multiple rounds of axe sharpening.


The head of the Aneby is shaped to get the ideal balancing for a healthy, forceful swing. It’s pretty heavy compared to most axes, weighing 2 pounds out of the total weight of 2.75 pounds. This means that it makes up nearly ⅗ the total weight, making it very top heavy.

This is great for swinging with either 2 hands or 1, since you’ll be working with more weight. That way, you can really get a powerful strike out of every swing, maximizing the number of one-swing chops.

The blade is curved, which helps maximize your force, and the cheek gets narrower as you get closer to the bit. This means that you can grip the head by the bit to hold the axe for more precise sharpening, slicing, and cutting.

The Handle

Hults Bruk Aneby Handle

While many people forget about the handle of their tools, it’s actually one of the most important parts. It’s where you interact with the tool, and has a direct impact on how effective your swing is. It needs to be comfortable, usable, and durable, all without hurting your hand as you strike.

The Hults Bruk Aneby has an incredibly handle, made of the finest materials, all while being incredibly comfortable. Of course, for the price they’re asking, you would only expect something of this caliber. So if you’ve got the money to shell out for it, know that the handle will exceed expectations.


The handle is made of high quality American hickory, coated with linseed oil to maximize resistance to dirt. The material is durable, flexible, and comfortable in the hand. It absorbs the impact of your strike, ensuring that you can use it without injury, if swung properly.

Hickory is a staple in any axe handle. Lower quality axes will use lower grades of hickory, and often turn to artificial coatings to make them more durable. You also see more affordable options using artificial handles, or even stainless steel. These work great for a budget, but just don’t have that great feeling you get from wood.


The handle stands at 20 inches long, which is a pretty vague length for an axe handle. You see many hatchets get up to 19 inches, and you can see chopping axes get as short as 21 inches. The 20 inch length makes this a highly versatile tool, perfect for both 1 and 2 handed use.

If you’re chopping down a tree, or you’re trying to split some wood, you can grip it with 2 hands. But if you’d rather take this thing camping in Oregon, it’s a great side hatchet. Whatever your needs are, this axe will do a fantastic job.

What the Hults Bruk Aneby Is Best For

The Hults Bruk Aneby is an incredibly versatile axe that can be used for nearly any task, aside from throwing. So if you’re doing some forestry work, or if you want something for recreation, then this axe gets the job done. If you can afford it, of course.


  • Quality materials
  • Versatile use
  • Great for 1 or 2 handed use
  • Light enough to travel with


  • Out of most peoples’ budgets
  • Not big enough for heavy duty work

If you’re headed out into the great outdoors, you’ll need to come prepared. Whenever I take an axe into the wilderness, I always bring my favorite waterproof match, the Everstryke (check it out here.) I also want to make sure to always have a light source, even on the darkest, cloudiest nights, so I pack in the Hybeam (get yours here.)

How Does it Compare?

You love the axe, but it’s too expensive. Or you want this quality, but you need something smaller, or even bigger. If this axe doesn’t do it for you, there are a few excellent quality axes out there that will satisfy your needs.

If you’re looking for something that has similar specs, but is much more affordable, check out the Husqvarna carpenter’s axe. It’s about the same size, and has similar materials and balancing, but is much more affordable.

Hults Bruk Aneby Axe Comparison

If you’re trying to keep the quality but want a different shape, then you’ll be turning to Gransfors Bruks. This is the top of the top when it comes to axe quality, hand making every axe from start to finish. You can’t beat them when it comes to craftsmanship.

For a larger option, check out their American Felling Axe. This heavy duty axe is 3 feet long, and can take down the biggest tree. For something more portable, take a look at their Survival Hatchet. It’s just over a foot long, but still has all of that quality.

Should You Get the Hults Bruk Aneby?

When it comes to axe quality, it doesn’t get much better than the Hults Bruk Aneby. It’ll do any small and medium sized task, and can even do some bigger chopping. It’s meant for the true professional, though, so if you’re looking for something on a budget, this isn’t for you. Otherwise, it’s excellent.

Hults Bruk has been making fine and high quality tools for centuries. Even if they operate under another company’s control, you can’t rival their excellence. By going with Hults Bruk, you’re going with quality.

Check out the Aneby here on Amazon for the lowest current price.

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