Los Angeles Axe Throwing – 5 of the Best Venues

Los Angeles Axe Throwing

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Los Angeles is the biggest city in the country, so you’d expect a massive axe throwing scene. Believe it or not, Los Angeles Axe Throwing is still in its early stages, with just a handful of real axe throwing bars and ranges, unlike the San Diego axe throwing or the Chicago axe throwing scenes.

Los Angeles Axe Throwing Map

#1 And the Top Spot Is…

If you’d like your throwing range to appear in the top spot, contact us to find out how you can rank as the best throwing range in Los Angeles.

#2 LA Ax

This name seems to be a clever play on LAX, Los Angeles’ international airport. Wordplay aside, this is one of the quintessential axe ranges in the city. It offers you a professional axe coach and a range to throw to your heart’s content, making it ideal for newcomers.

Walk ins cost $25 per hour, which is pretty affordable compared to other ranges. However, LA Ax pushes its guests towards groups, with a much more affordable rate per person. Rather than $25 per hour for walk ins, groups pay $40 for 2 hours, with a minimum of 2 days notice.

For that $40 you get half an arena, or a full one if you have 12 or more guests, and a dedicated axe coach, or two if you have a larger group. It’s a great place to really learn how to toss, and they host competitions and tournaments, making it ideal for any enthusiast looking to bond with friends.

#3 Axe Lair

Axe Lair is a beginner friendly indoor range that specializes in game and tournaments. It’s also one of the most affordable ranges on this list, starting at $20 per person per hour for walk-in pricing. However, it doesn’t include the coach for small groups, so you’ll want to consider bringing 6 or more people.

The range accommodates jumbo-sized groups of over 20 on special order, so if you’re looking to plan a corporate party or team building event, this is a great place to do it. Otherwise, pricing is pretty standard. Walk-ins pay a little more per hour, and groups are given a coach and a nicer range.

They host tournaments and games, so competition is the goal here. It doesn’t serve food or alcohol, so you’ll need to grub up beforehand. Otherwise, it’s all about winning the night with axe throwing games and tournaments. Perfect for new axe throwers and veteran tossers alike.

#4 Axe N Dagger

As we covered before, LA has a surprisingly underdeveloped axe throwing industry. There are only a handful of ranges, and none of them really offer the same experience as mainstays in other cities. Chains like Bad Axe Throwing and Bury the Hatchet have a standardized formula that make axe throwing a fantastic way to spend an evening.

Axe N Dagger, like most of the ranges on this list, is focused on team building and competition. It has a rustic vibe, but doesn’t include the same amenities that you can find at the bigger chains. However, it does start at $20 per person for walk-ins, and is a great place to start learning to throw.

#5 Axem Axe Throwing

Just like with the rest of the ranges on this list, this is a venue that emphasizes competition, team building, and sport. So while you can definitely have a great time throwing axes at this range, you aren’t given the same amenities that you find at most ranges in other cities.

If you’re looking to learn to throw, or you’re trying to do something different with your saturday night, then you’ve come to the right place. But if you want a range that has a party atmosphere, drinks, food, and more, then most of these ranges don’t quite fit the bill.

Fortunately, axe throwing is becoming more and more popular. From the increasing presence of leagues to the growing popularity of axe bars, we can expect more of these venues to pop up over the years. So while Los Angeles is missing out on great ranges for now, we can expect it to be booming in a few years.

Mastering Axe Throwing

Los Angeles Axe Throwing

Some say that axe throwing is the new bowling. Others say it’s a better version of darts. Either way, it’s a great way to spend time with your friends and coworkers, and can be an exciting new thing to add to your routine.

If you haven’t tried it yet, check out an axe throwing range. It’s not only a great place to practice, it can be a fun way to spend a Friday night. With some time and support, the Los Angeles axe throwing industry will grow into one of the best in the country.

Just like our guides to New York City axe throwing and Brooklyn axe throwing, we’re going to round up and discuss the top 5 ranges in this So-Cal metropolis. From barebones ranges to axe bars, each of these places will satisfy your craving to fling some metal.

Of all of the types of axes, throwing axes have the strongest commnity. Sure, there are combat axe enthusiasts and viking axe collectors, but it’s the throwing range that’s really dominating the axe market. If you’re interested in taking up the new bowling, check out one of these axe bars in Los Angeles.

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