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Miami axe throwing enthusiasts are starting to see more and more indoor ranges pop up. While some places only have a couple of ranges, this coastal metropolis is going to start seeing a rush of ranges pop in. It’s part of a new trend towards axe throwing in the United States.

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And the Top Spot Is…

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Extreme Axe Throwing Miami

Most of the axe throwing industry is dominated by large chains. The sport got started in Canada, but moved to the US with the help of big name ranges like Bad Axe, Bury the Hatchet, and Extreme Axe Throwing. It’s pretty small compared to other chains, but Extreme Axe Throwing is a big deal in Miami.

In fact, they have 2 locations, each offering a killer axe throwing experience. So while they have the same name and layout, we’re going to cover each one separately, starting with the downtown location. This range is one of the best options for throwers of any experience.

This chain is local to Florida, but has helped spearhead the whole industry. Both locations offer the standard pricing model that we see in most ranges. Walk-ins start at $35 per person per hour, and booked groups are a little cheaper. They also offer other options like leages and even mobile throwing.

If you’re having a party and want to host some axe throwing, you can actually contract Extreme Axe Throwing to get a mobile range at your own location. It’s pretty expensive, but can make your party one guests will remember for ages. Or you can book their whole range for less money and have your own axe throwing party with them.

Extreme Axe Throwing Hollywood

Just like the downtown location, you can find all of the pricing and options at the Hollywood location. The biggest difference is that the Hollywood location is located right near the coast, making it a little more memorable of a venue.

If you’re on vacation and looking to keep your throwing arm in check, or you’re a local competitor, one of these ranges is meant for you. They’re perfect for practicing your throw and for having a good time with friends or family.


This is, without a doubt, one of the best ranges we’ve covered in this series, and for one simple reason. Their motto is ‘Trow Axes. Drink Beer.” If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. This is one of the few true axe throwing bars that we’ve uncovered in these lists.

While most of the time you have axe ranges that serve alcohol, or bars that have an axe lane, Chops+Hops is a genuine hybrid of both. You have a full service bar on one wall, and a row of throwing lanes on the other. It’s the perfect setup for drinking and tossing.

You can tell that the bar has impacted throwing prices. They charge $25 for a 90 minute throwing session, by far the lowest in town. I suspect this is because the beer isn’t just a commodity, but a focus of their business. Hands down, this range definitely gets my full recommendation.

Axe Throwing Society

Miami has not 1, but 2 of these true axe bars, because Axe Throwing Society is almost identical to Chops+Hops. The only real difference is the way the pricing scheme works. Rather than $25 for 90 minutes, you have $20 for 60 minutes, plus $10 for each additional half-hour.

Just like it’s a great time to knock back a few drinks and go bowling, it’s also a great time to have some beers and throw axes. The bar’s staff are trained to make sure that you’re safely throwing your axes, so there’s no real danger involved.

Of course, with both of thee options, you have to be 21. So while it’s fun for teens to get into throwing, these locations are off limits. It’s more for getting something to drink with friends after work.

Mastering Your Toss

Miami Axe Throwing

As axe throwing grows, we’ll see more and more of these great throwing venues. The formula is already pretty laid out, so we just need to see more ranges open their doors to the throwing public. This new and exciting sport is a great pastime for anyone, not just professional axe throwers.

Axe throwing isn’t the first thing you imagine when you picture Miami. But this popular type of axe is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. While a well sharpened bushcraft axe is useful and viking axes make a great decoration, nothing quite beats the thud of an axe sinking into a bullseye.

Just like in our guides to San Diego axe throwing and Brooklyn axe throwing, we’re going to cover the top 5 indoor throwing ranges and bars. Miami happens to be alcohol friendly when it comes to axe throwing, so these options slant more towards adults having a night out.

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