Nashville Axe Throwing – 5 Hot Ranges

Nashville Axe Throwing

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Nashville is the birthplace of the blues, but there’s also plenty of axe throwing ranges here. In this guide to Nashville axe throwing, we’re going to cover the 5 biggest spots in town. Whether you’re a budding professional or just want to give tossing a try, these places are a great way to start.

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And the Top Spot Is…

If you’d like your throwing range to appear in the top spot, contact us to find out how you can rank as the best throwing range in Nashville.

Flying Axes

The indoor axe range industry is mostly dominated by large or medium-sized chains like Bad Axe Throwing. These chains have perfected the formula, making it easier for them to open locations all over the country. But every now and then, you see a one-off place pop up, or even a place with 2 or 3 locations.

Flying Axes is one of the premier indoor throwing ranges in Nashville. It has a simple setup, charging a flat rate for an hour of throwing. It’s pretty affordable compared to other ranges, starting at $25 per person per hour. They have a discounted rate for off-target throwing, providing a more affordable option.

Axe throwing isn’t just about landing those bullseyes on your own. It’s also a competitive sport, and some ranges actually host their own league. Flying Axes has a weekly league night, meaning that you can hone your skills in a long-term competition. Sign up with your friends and coworkers to see who is the best at throwing axes.


Like we said before, most of the axe throwing bars are comprised of chains. It’s a small one, but AxeVentures is a chain with 4 locations located all over the country. Their Nashville location is surrounded by other great ranges, but in some of their other places, they’re actually one of the only bars around.

AxeVentures offers a standard axe throwing experience. You can book a lane for around $27 per hour, but if you want to have a larger group you can. Just like most throwing ranges, having a bigger group brings the price down. So if you’re planning some sort of team building event, you can do that for a lower price.

Just like Flying Axes, AxeVentures offers leagues. You can compete with friends once per week to see who has the best skills. It’s a great way to really perfect your throwing skills.

Backyard Axe Throwing League

This is another big chain that you can find in cities all over the country. In fact, we’ve covered the Backyard Axe Throwing League several times in this series, and they offer a fantastic option. They’ve helped perfect the formula for this new and exciting sport, which has been the key to their success.

Pricing works a little differently here than it does at other ranges. Most of the time, you can just walk in and pay to use a lane for an hour. BATL focuses on events, so you have to book in advance and with more than one person. THey have a separate package for groups of under 6 and over 5.

Prices are a little steeper since you have to book for longer. Rather than something like $20 per hour, it’s more like $40 per person for an event. It’s a little tougher to just walk in and practice, but they make up for it with the quality of the experience.

Not only do they offer leagues and great throwing lanes, but they’re a fully licensed bar with a full kitchen. This gives you everything you need to make sure that your night of axe throwing is packed with fun.

Class Axe

Class Axe is another pretty big chain, but not as big as the last venue. They have about 10 locations all over the country, and most of them are in the south, namely Tennessee and Texas. They’re a much more straightforward venue with a pretty simple pricing scheme that’s easy to follow.

Walk-in prices are $30 per person per hour, and you’re treated to a full experience. They have lanes and leagues, making them perfect for both the casual thrower and the serious competitor. Plus, they also offer corporate rates if you’re planning your next office party.

Perfecting Your Throw

Nashville Axe Throwing

This growing sport is a powerful new way to spend your evenings. It’s satisfying, and has even been called the new bowling.

Throwing axes are becoming one of the most common types of axes. Traditionally, bushcraft axes have been the most common use for these tools. And there’s a pretty vibrant community around viking axes. But nothing really beats taking your well sharpened throwing axe and sinking it into a bullseye.

Just like in our guides to San Diego axe throwing, Austin axe throwing, and Detroit axe throwing, we’re going to cover the best ranges in town. Enthusiasts of this new sport should be excited. There’s a healthy market around axe throwing, leading to a rush of great places to toss some steel.

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