New York City Axe Throwing

New York City Axe Throwing

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The New York City Axe Throwing Scene has been growing for the past few years. Just a decade ago, you’d struggle to find a single indoor axe range in any city, but now most major cities have more than one range. It’s a sign of the increasing popularity of the sport, and it’s great news for axe throwing enthusiasts.

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And the Top Spot Is…

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Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Stumpy’s Hatchet House is one of the best ranges out there. They’ve perfected the axe throwing formula and offer a fun place to practice your throw. It’s reasonably priced, has plenty of options for entertainment, and even offers a few food options some days of the week.

Prices start at $25 per person per hour, but they drop as you add more people. There are 12 lanes, which means you’ll easily be able to get in. Some places aren’t as big, with as few as 4 lanes, which can make it tough to get a spot during peak hours.

There isn’t a kitchen or bar, but the do host food trucks sometimes, which means you’ll be able to toss and eat with your friends. They don’t serve alcohol, but they do offer ice buckets, so you can bring your own drinks.

Overall, this range is ideal for nearly any axe thrower. If you’re a rpo, you’ll love the ranges and atmosphere. If you’re looking to get started, this place is a fun way to start. They really emphasize that they’re good for parties and team building, so consider it for your next event.

Bury the Hatchet

Bury the Hatchet is a chain of axe throwing venues that has a location in Brooklyn. There’s a community around axes, whether it’s viking axes, combat axes, or survival hatchets, and this venue contributes to that culture by offering a great indoor throwing venue.

This place is relatively affordable, coming in at around $30 per person. You’re given a quick tutorial, but after that you’ll be tossing in no time. Just make sure that you’re throwing safely, and wear close toed shoes. It’s a great place to relax and practice your throw.

While they are a serious axe throwing range, they do offer a better experience for beginners. They have alcohol on the premises, making this a great place to spend a Friday night. Knock back a few as you enjoy some friendly competition with axe throwing.

Axes and Arrows

This range is all about projectiles. As the name suggests, they offer both throwing ranges and archery ranges. It’s the best place in the city to test your skills as a marksman, whether it’s with throwing or with archery. It also has great ambiance and pricing, making it ideal for more casual nights out.

Prices start at $25 per person for 75 minutes, with 15 minutes for instruction. There’s only a few lanes, but that’s enough for you to have a group of up to 12 to relax, throw some axes, and shoot some arrows. Though it’s pretty small, so it may be tough to get a spot in peak hours.

Of course, this is a guide to axe bars, but it’s absolutely worth talking about their archery range. It’s easy to see why these two would be paired together. They’re both a great, more satisfying alternative to bowling or darts, and can be great for some light competition, bonding, and team building.

Kick Axe Throwing

Kick Axe Throwing was one of the original axe ranges in the US, and it helped kick off the scramble for axe throwing ranges. As you would expect from one of the first ranges, it’s also one of the best, having great prices, atmosphere, and experiences to make any thrower have a great time.

They emphasize the team building nature of axe throwing, and encourage friendly competition between colleagues. They also offer food and alcohol on site, making it a great place to throw a party or casually spend an evening after work.

They’re a pretty well known venue, and have been at it for years. If you’re looking for a great place to begin your axe throwing career in the NYC area, this is the place to look.

Mastering Axe Throwing


Axe throwing is a casual sport that anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a new way to bond with your friends, or if you want to make sure that you’re perfecting your toss, check out one of these ranges for a truly great time.

Just like in our San Diego axe throwing, Chicago axe throwing, and Houston axe throwing guides, we’re going to round up the top 5 axe bars in this city. Some of these were already discussed in our Brooklyn axe throwing guide, but now we’ll expand the scope to include all of New York City.

The Big Apple is is a massive metropolis, and there are plenty of axe bars to make sure any enthusiast can practice. Whether you’re looking for a quiet range to practice for competition or you want a place for a fun night out, check out one of these indoor ranges for a truly unique experience.

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