Philadelphia Axe Throwing – 5 Hot Spots

Philadelphia Axe THrowing

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Philadelphia axe throwing enthusiasts are in luck, since this east-coast metropolis has a booming axe throwing scene. While markets around Los Angeles axe throwing and Chicago axe throwing are struggling to get more than a few ranges, Philly has a competitive scene already. With plenty of options.

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And the Top Spot is…

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Kick Axe Throwing

There are a few chains that dominate the market for throwing, and Kick Axe Throwing is one of them. Though it’s not as big as Bad Axe Throwing and Bury the Hatchet, it’s still one of the bigger names in the industry. Fortunately, this means that they offer competitive services and prices.

Kick Axe offers walk in prices starting at $35 per person per hour, which is standard in the industry. You get a brief safety and technique training session, but then you’re on your own. Of course, they offer group discounts, and you can even rent out the whole space if you’re throwing a big party.

This place is great for newcomers to throwing, with a simple layout and on-site training. If you’re looking for a new way to spend weeknights, then Kick Axe is the way to go.

Bury the Hatchet

Bury the Hatchet is another big chain in throwing axes, offering a more upbeat experience. So if you’re looking for a calm place to silently practice throwing, this definitely isn’t it. Instead, this range offers you a party atmosphere, making it a great place to go with friends while you’re out for a Friday night.

Pricing starts at $40 for a 2 hour session, and you can have up to 12 people on each lane. This means that you’ll easily be able to stroll in for a night of tossing. Axe bars in Philly can’t serve alcohol, but you are able to bring your own drinks here, or you can stop in after hitting a bar and get into some light competition with your friends.

This is also a great place for newcomers, but it’s more about having a party than practicing your throw. Experienced throwers may enjoy coming here with friends, but it probably isn’t the best place to practice your throw.

Urban Axes

The axe throwing scene to mast cities is brand new, with the majority of ranges popping up in the last 5 years. So while ranges in Canada may go back a decade or 2, most ranges in the US are brand new. Urban Axes was founded in 2016, and offers a pretty standard experience.

Prices start at $20 per person per hour for walk ins, but quickly get cheap when you add in more people. Group pricing is $38 per person for 2.5 hours, making it one of the better deals on this list. Of course, most of these ranges want you to book larger groups, since it’s easier for them to manage.

This range is one of the few that really caters to alcoholic beverages. As we stated before, none of these ranges actually serve alcohol, but this one is 21 and over only, and encourage you to bring your own drinks. They only allow beer, wine, and cider, so make sure not to bring hard liquors.

Throw House

The last item on our list tries to cater more to a family and younger audience. There are student discounts, the age requirement is 14 rather than 21, and they encourage you to bring the family. They mention that you should bring your own food and drink, since they can’t serve anything.

Throw House is a small regional chain, with a couple of locations through the east coast. Prices start at $40 for 2 hours, but a student discount cuts the price down to $20, which is a pretty great deal. They offer on-site instruction, and they let you have up to 25 people in your own group.

This is probably the best place on the list for bringing your family, whether it be for a birthday or any other celebration. They offer training and, as long as guests wear closed-toed shoes and are over 14, anyone can throw.

Mastering Your Throw

Philadelphia Axe THrowing

Whether you’re a competitive axe thrower or you’re looking for something new to try, these ranges are a great choice. Most of them cater to newcomers, but even if you’re a seasoned thrower, anyone can relax and toss some metal.

Throwing axes are becoming one of the most popular types of axe, right alongside bushcraft axes and viking axes. Though they may not be as useful in the woods, or look as cool as a bearded axe, nothing beat sinking a well sharpened hatchet into that wooden bullseye.

Just like in our guides to San Diego axe throwing, New York City axe throwing, and Arizona axe throwing, we’ll be covering the top 5 ranges in town. Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned veteran, we promise that each of these ranges will offer a unique, fun experience for all.

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