Salt Lake City Axe Throwing – Top 5 Spots

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Salt Lake City axe throwing enthusiasts have one of the best scenes for this growing sport. While the markets around Los Angeles axe throwing or Arizona axe throwing are struggling to get more than a few ranges, this Utah city has tons of options for indoor throwing spots.

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And the Top Spot Is…

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Social Axe Throwing

Social Axe Throwing is one of the fundamental axe ranges in Salt Lake City. They don’t try to wow you with music and drinks, instead opting for just the essentials. They have a few lanes and do walk-ins or group events. It’s perfect for anyone who’s already done some throwing and just wants to toss in peace.

They have one of the best prices of any range we’ve covered, starting at $15 per hour for walk-ins. Compare that to Brooklyn axe throwing which averages $35 an hour. Per the usual, prices go down as you incorporate more and more people, so they push you towards larger groups.

One of the truly unique things about Social Axe Throwing is their private events service. They actually have a mobile throwing lane, so you can book them for your own home party or office event. This makes them really stand out, since the axe throwing can come to you.

Axe Arena

While Social Axe throwing was more about a hands off experience where you can throw axes with friend, Axe Arena is all about the competition. They have regular walk-ins, but they specialize in offering leagues. So if you’ve been honing your throwing skills, Axe Arena has an 8 week competition ready for you.

Pricing is similar to Social Axe throwing, starting at $15 per hour for walk ins. And of course, they have a discount for groups. For an 8 week league, you pay $120 up front, and that gets you 8 tournaments, plus a $5 discount if you bring a friend. So as far as pricing goes, this is a great place to practice without breaking the bank.

Throwing axes are becoming the most popular type of axe. While bushcraft axes and viking axes are still pretty popular, nothing beats sinking a well sharpened axe into that bullseye. That’s why places like Axe Arena are popping up all over the country.

Kiss My Axe

Kiss My Axe is, besides a cheeky name, one of the more unique ranges that we’ve covered. Not only are they the cheapest range, but they’re the first one that also offers knives, stars and cards in addition to axes. That’s right, you can pay a little extra to throw ninja stars or razor sharp playing cars.

At the beginning of this list, we mentioned that Social Axe Throwing was the cheapest range we’ve covered so far. 2 spots later and we have Kiss My Axe, which starts at $10 per hour for walk-ins. That’s less than ⅓ the price of New York City Axe Throwing, and only ⅔ the price of Axe Arena and Social Axe Throwing.

For an extra $5, you can add any one of the additional throwing items. So while it costs just $10 up front, you’ll easily find yourself spending $25 so that you can throw each of the extra items that this range offers.

True North Axe

The growing axe throwing craze actually started out in Canada, and that’s where a lot of the big chains like Bad Axe Throwing started. This list is one of the first where we didn’t cover one of the bigger chains, but True North does have 3 separate locations, making it a small franchise.

The first 2 locations are located in Alberta, Canada, but the last location made it all the way down to Utah. It’s located a little outside of Salt Lake City, but it’s still part of the city’s throwing scene. It’s another one of the more bare-bones ranges, offering lanes and ranges at a pretty decent price.

It’s a great spot for both veterans and newcomers, but they’re a little old fashioned when it comes to booking. Their website directs you to contact them directly, making it a little hard to book your first larger group.

Getting the Perfect Toss

salt lake city axe throwing

This growing sport is the new bowling, so it won’t be long before you’re seeing dozens of these places in every city. It’s a great way to relax and spend time with friends. So whether you’re competitive or not, it’s worth it to get in there and start throwing.

Just like in our guides to San Diego axe throwing and Chicago axe throwing, this guide will cover the top 5 places to throw some metal indoors. Some of these places are barebones indoor ranges, offering you a hands-off experience. Others are full indoor bars, offering you a party atmosphere.

No matter what, the important thing is to have fun. Whether that means some light competition or not even keeping score is up to you. Each of these places offers a different experience, but anyone can enjoy them. Axe throwing is one of the fastest growing sports out there, so just get out there and start tossing.

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