San Diego Axe Throwing – The 5 Best Bars and Ranges

San Diego Axe Throwing

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One of the nice things about major metropolises like San Diego is that you get a lot of options for recreation. Whether you’re looking for a gym with a lacrosse league or you’re trying to up your accuracy with a throwing axe, this city has it all.

San Diego axe throwing

And the Top Spot Is…

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Axe Ventures

This cleverly named throwing range is located in the heart of one of San Diego’s hippest districts, North Park. This range is perfect for beginners and experts alike, offering onsite training, games, and team building events.

If you’ve never thrown before, you’ll be offered a coaching session for 15 minutes prior to starting your event. You can book in small groups of under 15, or book the whole range if you have 15 or more people. It’s great for team building events and parties.

You can book online, and sessions cost just $30 per person. Axe Ventures doesn’t offer drinks or food, but they are surrounded by plenty of places to let loose. They have a casual atmosphere, so don’t be afraid to grab some beers before you compete with your friends at this range.

Throw It

While the name may seem a little stiff, this axe bar positions itself as a hip, lively place to grab a drink and throw an axe. Their motto is “If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge an axe,” and this venue has everything you need for a night of axe throwing.

They’re open pretty late, until 1:30 AM, and offer a tetris-themed drink and snack bar. You have an optional coaching session before you start, and then you and friends can compete while enjoying a couple of drinks.

Their schedule and pricing scheme are a little complicated, but it usually comes down to $30 per person. They also partner with the World Axe Throwing League, showing that this bar is also a great place to practice your throws.

Bad Axe Throwing San Diego

Bad Axe Throwing is the largest axe throwing range chain in the country. They have several ranges across the states, and offer a pretty lively axe throwing experience. They’re also one of the most affordable places to go, costing only $23 per person during down times.

You can get some coaching before you start, and they’re great for medium and small groups, as well as larger events. They don’t provide any food or drinks, but they do have tables where you can store your own beverages.

This range has a very rustic theme, which is great for fans of the outdoors. You’ll feel like you’re throwing a hunting axe as you hone in on your target, and they have a large and comfortable lounge for relaxing between rounds.

Battle Axe San Diego

This range isn’t talking about viking axes or combat axes. Battle Axe San Diego is a no-nonsense throwing range that gives you a calm atmosphere to practice your throws. They host ranges, events, and offer private throwing and instruction.

You can actually bring your own axe if you want to see if your old bushcraft axe doubles as a great throwing axe. Just make sure that you’re properly sharpening your axe with a good sharpening stone before you bring it.

This venue has a pretty standar price point of $30 per person per hour. You’ll be able to get in a couple hundred throws this way, so it’s great for relaxing with a small group of friends and perfecting your axe game.

Perfecting Your Throw

Axe Throwing in san diego

Just like any exciting, new sport, throwing axes is starting to see more and more bars and ranges pop up. It’s like a much more satisfying version of darts, letting you easily blow the stress of work off, or helping you relax with friends.

Most of these places focus on bringing you a comfortable venue for practicing your throws, rather than curating a fun experience. These places don’t offer food and drink, which may be what some people are looking for. But you won’t have a problem finding your own beverages in the neighboring districts.

The important thing is that you enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for a place to practice your skills and bond with friends, any of these places will do. It’s just up to you to put in the practice to really maximize your axe throwing game.

Axe throwing is increasing in popularity, and we’re beginning to see more ranges and throwing bars. In particular, the San Diego axe throwing scene has really taken off. While most cities have only a few axe ranges, this metropolitan jungle has more than enough ranges to keep any enthusiast satisfied.

Just like in our Brooklyn axe throwing review, we’re going to recap the top ranges in San Diego. Some of these are great spots to just relax and grab a drink, while others let you hone your skills for competition.

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