SOG Throwing Axe Review – Best Tactical Axes Ever?

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When looking at high end throwing axes, competitive throwing axe or exploring the world of axes (and even knives) you are going to come across the SOG brand.

From tactical to throwing, SOG have a long, long list of products. The name that resonates well with everyone in the axe world and if you use one, the difference between their quality of axes and the quality of other throwing axes is very prevalent. This will be a general SOG axe review and overview of why they are a strong brand.

SOG Throwing Axe Review

SOG Fasthawk

One throwing axe in particular I would like to talk about more specifically is the SOG Fasthawk. This one has been talked about in a few other articles I have written and that it is because I trust the SOG fasthawk throwing axe for multiple reasons.

It is a pure stainless steel throwing axe, mired in a charcoal black color with a light gray color on the blade tip. The nice, consistent color does not feel raggedy and gives a more modern touch to a age old tool. Along the backside of it is a small pick which helps the balance of the throwing axe itself.

This smaller throwing axe can be easily holsters on your side without much of a problem. The blade head itself is bolted on to the handle to guarantee that it remains stable, along with a textured head on the middle to enable grabbing it on the thin side without too much of a problem.

The Fasthawk is a light, one handed model made for throwing with one hand and can easily be throwing with great accuracy. Along the handle is a nylon grip, ribbed to help promote a strong hand around it as well as circumvent the problems that come with holding onto a thinner throwing axe.

It also comes with a nice sheath to wrap your axe in while you are not using it. This is great for safety reasons but also to help it from getting damaged while it is being idle in your workshop. Check out the current price on Amazon here.

On the negative end of the spectrum, the Fasthawk throwing axe can have issues with its size. The small axe can have problems being thrown as well as the nylon handle itself does not handle wear and tear as much as the stainless steel blade.

If taken outside for camping or any outdoors events after a certain amount of time the handle can be slightly warped, making it more difficult for someone to throw/use. Also it should be noted that the bolts that keep the blade head attached the handle can also become loose after extensive use.

It needs to be kept in mind that from time to time (or preferably after every use) that you tighten these bolts to prevent wear and tear from an unstable blade. Don’t forget to sharpen your axes! Make sure you know how to sharpen a throwing axe correctly before you start.

SOG Throwing hawks, the alternative (and better) throwing solution.

As I said about the fast hawks, the handle has issues from wear and tear due to being thrown constantly, which can causes errors or even worse-make you purchase more and more axes. Because of the handles materials it is not something that can be easily replaced.

That is where the throwing hawks come in (SOG TH10001-CP). These throwing hawks have the same blade design as your Fast hawk but come in their own unique SOG target practice kit. Which means that it comes with three throwing axes instead of a singular purchase.

What makes them unique is the change to the handle design, where there are no bolts or screws and fancy materials, just the blade elongated as a handle with the bottom half being wrapped in it’s own paracord.

This is good for hunting since you can use the cord as emergency rope but we’re here to talk about throwing axes and the paracord provides one great ability – easy handle fixes.

Because of the easy to find paracord material we can unwrap our handle whenever it is loose or worn down and purchase more paracord whenever we want to. I genuinely love this throwing axe and would gladly recommend this set to anyone that is looking to get into axe throwing, whether they are a suburban newbie or a veteran hiker.

When it is said and done SOG does not do throwing axes wrong, they will always be my personal recommendation due to their high quality materials, long past that is based off of military usage and modern design. If you have never tried an SOG throwing axe, it might be time to grab a couple and give them a swing, or better yet – a throw!


SOG began as a memorial blade company in the mid 80’s inspired by Vietnam Special operatives. Spencer Frazer made a knife that the operatives used in covert missions and soon began to expand the collection of knives to axes, hunting gear, apparel, tools and much more!

Capturing an audience of hunters, campers, survivalists and all other kinds of enthusiasts! Because of this basic need to honor traditions and expand upon those traditions, every SOG axe that is created tends to be an improved model of a previous version.

Pro’s of an SOG throwing axe

When it comes to owning any SOG item, specifically their throwing axes, one can assume a high quality model that will always give them the perfect throw that they need.

Every blade that they maxe is carefully built and constructed for lightweight usage. The company itself prides itself for selling items that people use while hunting and during competitions so it is only natural that you get something as light as possible. One of the best Tactical Axe manufacturer out there.

The design itself is also consistently sleek and with a more modern touch, barely ever using wood anymore since it is prone to damage easily taken from the elements, SOG consistently uses stainless steel.

Another thing to point out is the fact that all their throwing axes are built for multiple purposes. While we do use them for the sake of throwing, they can be used well in emergencies. It is also because of this utilitarian design that we can see that it is a perfectly balanced items, making it a great throwing tool.

Cons of an SOG throwing axe

While I will always recommend SOG they do have con’s and problems that can occur. Their items in general tend to not have replacement parts and tend to be more of a ‘buy it once, buy it again’ scenario.

Traditional wooden axes typically allow you to remove the axe head and replace each part separately, even allowing you to carve out a handle or use some other form of gripping.

Because of SOG’s high quality they have very little customization outside of purchasing a personal engraving onto your axe.

Another con is that because of their utilitarian usage and need to be small, they rarely, if ever sport larger models. Most of their axes generally end up measuring less than fourteen inches. And while that is great for one handed throwing, you might have difficulty finding a pure steel large throwing axe.

Unline their wooden axe counterparts which come in many shapes and sizes as can be seen by these throwing axes for sale here.

Another hit or miss is the fact that this is not an American made axe. People question the quality of mass produced axes and this can also be one of those negatives that you might want to consider.

Being made in a different country can make it exempt from different practices and give it a ‘weaker’ feel. These negatives can be a make or break with some people, however I do suggest that you look at the axe’s themselves.

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