Alternative Throwing Axes – These are Awesome!

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When it comes to the best throwing axes, there are many shapes and sizes, as well as brands, materials and what needs you personally need to get the right fit, balance and throw.

This list is ten of my favorite choices as they all offer a plethora of options. I chose not to include any Double Bit Axes in this one as i feel they deserve their own section. Some of these are small, while others are quite long. The throwing axes we have here are all the best in their class and it is with this that I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in any of these picks!

SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP

SOG’s TH1001-CP model is still the best choice to go for. Considered great and well in every overall category this is my go to choice when it comes to throwing axes.

It’s lithe model allows it to be thrown with great accuracy and does not require as much strength as our broader, wooden throwing axes. It’s sharp, flat head also allows a clean mark when tosses and prevents any sway when it hits the wood. The axe also bears a paracord wrapped handle. This prevents the thin model of the axe from being a pain or hinderance while throwing.

Check out this SOG Throwing Axe Review to get the full scoop on why these are great throwing axes.

This model of axe is almost 11 inches, making it compatible with the standards and regulations of competitive axe throwing. It is also lightweight, baring less than thirty ounces of weight meaning practically anyone should be able to carry it without too much trouble. For ease of use the axe comes in a set of three and comes with a sheath to carry all of them as well.

Usually the prices for these throwing axes are quite cheap as well, since they use lighter, easy to manufacture material, meaning that even if they get damaged replacing them should not be a problem.

You can find cheaper steel model throwing axes however I feel that this one is not only a good bang for your buck, but I would say that this is your go to throwing axe when you need to purchase one. Overall this would be my top recommendation for selecting a throwing axe. –Current Price On Amazon


-Lightweight Steel Model

-Carry Sheath for all 3 axes

-Regulation size for competitive events

-Paracord Wrapped handle for better handling

-Thin model for better balance and accuracy during toss

-Clean, modern aesthetic

-Great price for more than one axe


-Great for throwing however is thin and cannot be used outside of throwing

-Paracord wrappings tend to get damaged easily

-The sheath holds all three at the same time

MTech Axe8B Stainless Steel

Our Mtech axe that is introduced here is a nice combination of a double bit head. This axe is around fifteen inches, making it a bit longer than competitive axe choices about it also comes with a strong steel mold and long axe head.

Over half of the axe is also wrapped in paracord which means that it is a great axe to practice your double handed throws with since you’ll have the hand space for even possibly three hands!

While the main head is curved and long, the second head is a straight pointed edge, meaning it can get a bit difficult to keep balanced mid air, however it overall should not be too big of a problem.

It is a great axe and has lots of potential, however it is just ‘okay’ at everything. Other axes here can do what this one accomplishes but with better ingenuity. –Current Price On Amazon


-Long, paracord handle

-Double bit

-No major weaknesses or flaws


-Nothing stands out

SOG F01P-N Tactical Tomahawk

The SOG brand is a consistent quality when it comes to their axe’s so it makes sense that many of them are sprinkled within the list of my favorite and most preferred throwing axes. This model of Tomahawks comes in a single package but with it comes a higher quality.

The sixteen inch throwing axe is made of steel with a large straight blade. As well as a screwed in blade head. This detail might seem minor however this allows it to be one of the few steel based throwing axes that can have parts of it replaced, meaning that its high quality can remain with a smaller amount of repair costs.

The Nylon handle creates a strong, firm grip and can be held on to hard without damaging the steel itself (or your hands). The length of the axe itself which is almost sixteen inches allows for strong, heavy throws and in certain circumstances could be used for things outside of throwing. Because of it’s weigh tit is able to hit the target quite easily both over and underhanded. –Current Price On Amazon


-Large, heavily reinforced Axe

-Easy to replace parts

-Sturdy Nylon Handle


-Larger than most throwing axes

-screws can be loosened after use, requiring extra upkeep

-Not competition size

Zombie Killer Throwing Axe

Do not be pushed away from the name, the Zombie Killer is actually one of the better well made axe’s that you can find around! The small throwing axe is equipped with a long, 4 inch long edge compared to most throwing axes that yield a 2 inch blade.

It is also on of the few axes that does not have a double bit end. Along the stainless steel blade the axe itself is wrapped in a nice red paracord rope to better handle it.

While this blade looks unique it presents a great tool for people that want to get into axe throwing, the lower end price contains a more accessible entrance fee while the design of it could spur people that might not be into traditional looking axes to find something to get into.

On the opposite end of this spectrum people that are more interested in throwing might find this as off putting, the blade’s unnatural and non-traditional form can cause several problems as it requires different throwing techniques and general handling issues.

If you feel confident in this throwing knife and not put off by its design then this blade is one that will not let you down. It’s sharp blade will hit the target well and because of its design it is possible to get multiple axes at a good price. It is also good to note that this axe can be purchased in different colors if that is something that interests you. –Current Price On Amazon


-Long, sharp blade

-Competition sized throwing axe

-Paracord Wrapping

-Lower price than most

-Unique design


-Weird back side

-Inconsistent paracord wrapping

-Unique design

Cold Steel American Hickory

The Cold Steel throwing axe is one of the longer competitors that we have. It is made from strong materials, sporting a carbon steel head as well as a very strong American Hickory handle. The wood itself is used with vertical grain wood, meaning it should get a better grip as one throws it. Because of its size it will mostly be recommended for double handed throws.

As with it’s long handle and wooden frame, the axe itself is prone to swelling and damage which is more frequent compared to steel models. It is recommended that if you purchase this that you buy a waterproofer paint and coat it so that you can keep it for an extended time. Also because of its long handle you can cut part of it down to fit your vertical needs. –Current Price On Amazon


-Long hammer

-Strong wooden handle

-Durable axe head


-Axe head has loosened off

-Axe handle prone to damage

Black Survival Camping Axe

While looking for throwing axes it might be good to look at one’s that offer a bit more versatility besides ‘good to be thrown’ that is where this survival axe comes in.

This axe has a 4 inch long curved blade that also has a very flat and simplistic design. Because of this the ten inch axe comes with a few additional add ons. Along the blade there are several sections that can be used as a wrench as well as a can opener.

While using it as just a throwing axe it is still a very strong competitor. The handle is made of a strong paracord material for tight handling and the large blade makes it easy and effective when being tossed and hitting its target. The lower price point also allows those that do not have as much money to invest in throwing axes to get their foot in the door.

On the other hand because of its purpose in being a multifunctional tool, it can lead to several problems when it comes to axe throwing.

The handle is loose, so that the paracord can be untied quickly for emergencies. The blade is slightly off balanced and created with multiple purposes. It might not be the greatest throwing axe but a good suggestion if you go camping in your spare time. –Current Price On Amazon


-Long, curved Blade

-Multipurpose tool

-Paracord handle, great for handle.

-Carrying Sheath

-Competition Size



-Wrapping can be untied easily


The Mtech camping axe is a small, clean designed axe that is light enough to be used as a throwing axe. The small size is capable of being carried around with little effort and the thickness of the blade is small enough to accurately hit the target without a hitch.

This blade is completely blade with a steel blade of about two and a half inches. OVerall it is nine inches in length and has a smaller sharpened bit on the other side.

The paracord handle makes it great to hold on to and like most other paracord handles, can be used for roping emergencies.

Because of the design it is well balanced and can be used quite well by most novices and can be fully exploited by professionals. It is not uncomfortable and is lightweight, making it have a wide scope of customers and audiences that can use it. –Current Price On Amazon


-Simple, small axe

-Comes with sheath

-Paracord Wrapping, knotted to prevent slippage


-Expected to be used for combat instead of casual throwing

-Paracord gets cut by handle itself after wear.

SOG Voodoo F182N

The SOG F182N-CP Tomahawk is a great throwing axe which is good for any occasion. The axe is above average in length but is around the same in weight compared to smaller choices. It’s strong, sturdy handle enables anyone to get a firm, strong grasp on it.

While the straight double bit sides will make sure that it hit the target and can do some damage to our target. The base of our axe is also a bit heavy, this is made to create a better balancing point, making sure that the center of gravity is maintained.

As a throwing tool, it’s long size, good balance and sharp edge can really lay a number on it’s competitors. However for the price point and the fact that you only get one, it is hard to claim this as the best throwing axe choice around. It is strong and great for purposes outside of axe throwing but if you want something for that specific purpose then this one might be the way to back away from. –Current Price On Amazon


-Strong, firm handle

-Great center of balance.

-Fantastic handle.


-High price point

Rogue River Tactical Throwing Axe

The Rouge River throwing axe is a small, petite and functional throwing axe that can fit up most peoples alleys. This small axe can be used and thrown several times without too much self inflicted damage, because of that and it’s low price point it is hard to argue not to purchase this as your first or go-to throwing axe.

It has a curved blade which is great for throwing and weight just a bit more than half a pound! Not to mention with it’s paracord wrapping it has a great handle for anyone to use.

While it does come at a lower price point, there have been issues with customers saying that the steel used in it gets damaged a lot easier than most of our other throwing axe options. It also only comes with one throwing axe while several other options we have come with multiple throwing axes. If you like it’s unique design and the low price point this might be the axe for you. –Current Price On Amazon


-Great Handle

-Low Price Point

-Curved Head

-Competition Legal


-Concerning metal quality

-Only comes with one

Columbia RMJ Kangee T-Hawk

The Columbia Throwing axe is one of my favorite wooden axes, due to it’s sheer quality, use and how it is made. The Columbia uses a carbon steel head with a wooden handle, giving it a more older feel and look, with the carbon steel as the head it is much more resistant to damage and it is easy to simply sharpen it when the need arises.

It’s nineteen inch length is a bit longer than most but because of its size it also comes with much more versatility. It is recommended that for an axe of this length that you use two hands to toss it to increase stability and balance with your throws.

The hickory handle is of a high quality wood material that means that it will have heavy difficulty being split and it takes much longer for the wood itself to have swelling issues. It is a great wooden axe of great quality. The handle does not have any wrappings not does it use any special materials, it feels like a plain axe made by someone that has a lot of experience in axe-making. –Current Price On Amazon


-Strong, hickory, wooden handle

-Carbon Steel blade, making it easy to sharpen

-Long nineteen inch axe made for double handed throws

-Easy to remove blade head

-Extremely strong blade


-Can be quite long for shorter throwers

-Prolonged moisture can damage wood

-Does not come with a sheath

-The handle coating can be slippery, making throws inaccurate

Every axe is a little different. Some of the lighter ones will require you to relearn your whole throw to get used to them. Find out how to throw an axe here and get good at hitting that bullseye!

Note: for an axe throwing competition, some of these may be ineligible. Most bars and throwing ranges only allow wooden throwing axes of certain dimensions. While you can always just use the house axes while you are out, there are many that love bringing their own axes.

If you’ve been to a few axe throwing bars or events and are thinking of getting more into it – you will definitely want your own custom axe. Not only will you get better by practicing with the same axe over and over, you wont want to use any other. In this case, you will need to choose a good competition throwing axe and start practicing.

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