Washington, DC Axe Throwing – 5 Ranges in the Capital

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Axe throwing is quickly becoming the next national pastime. A few decades ago, bowling leagues were all the rage, with alleys popping up in every town with more than a few people. But now, axe throwing looks like it’s going to become the new casual bonding sport. In this guide to Washington, DC axe throwing, we’re going to cover the 5 best ranges in the nation’s capital.

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And the Top Spot Is…

If you’d like your throwing range to appear in the top spot, contact us to find out how you can rank as the best throwing range in Washington, DC .

Kraken Axes

Kraken Axes is a standalone place that offers a pretty standard experience. You get to throw axes with friends, and booking gets more affordable as you add more and more people to your group. This is a great place for practice and for relaxing with friends or coworkers after a long day.

Prices are pretty standard, starting at $25 for an hour long walk in session. If you book a group of 6 or more, you pay $36 for a 90 minute session, which is a common pricing system. These places are great for parties and team building events, so they really push you towards group booking.

The most interesting thing about this range is that it’s a standalone place. This industry is dominated by large chains and national or statewide franchises. So when you see a place competing with the bigger names, it means that they’re doing good enough to stick around.

Bad Axe

Bad Axe Throwing is one of those big franchises that sort of dominates the industry. They have locations all over the US, and offer one of the best throwing experiences out there. They have good prices, and will be a great spot for both first timers and veterans of the sport.

Their pricing scheme follows the same principles as most other ranges, with walk-ins starting at $23 per person per hour. If you have a group of 8 or more, the price drops down to $45 for 2 hours, and groups of over 30 cost a low $35 per person for two hours and 2 dedicated axe coaches.

This place is BYOB, so you can bring any food or alcohol if you want to have a really good time. It’s perfect for parties, learning to throw, or team building events. Like most ranges, they push you towards bigger groups, getting cheaper as you add more people to your party.

Autobahn Axes

This is going to be a more unique option on our list, since this place is actually a go-kart facility. They’ve recently added throwing axes, and it’s proving to be a huge attraction. So in addition to axes, you can take a break and do a lap or two around their track. It’s a full entertainment experience.

This range gives you everything you need to get going, and has a high-energy approach to axe throwing. Prices are pretty low, starting at $35 per person for a 2 hour session. It gets cheaper as you add more people, so keep this place in mind for bachelor parties, birthdays, or team building events.

As we’ve mentioned, most indoor axe ranges are actually bigger chains that have streamlined the formula. This place is interesting, because we’ve never covered it in this series. But they have locations all over the country, and they take a slightly different approach to axe throwing than most other big names.

Flippin Steal

The last venue on our list is another 1-off place. Flippin Steal is one of the more unique ranges that we’ll be covering today, from what they offer to how they charge. It’s hard to say based off of their website, but they seem to cater more towards the experienced axe thrower.

The biggest draw to this range is that they offer mobile axe throwing. So you don’t have to move your group to them, you can have them come to you. Because of this, they don’t have a fixed pricing scheme. They require you to contact them in order to find out how much it’ll cost to rent their service.

Perfecting Your Toss

Washington, DC Axe Throwing

Just like in our guides to San Diego axe throwing and Miami axe throwing, we’ve gone over the top ranges in this budding sport. Whether you’re a first-time thrower or a practicing professional, each of these venues will offer a great experience. It’s up to you to take the first step and start tossing.

Because this sport is becoming so popular, throwing axes are replacing other types of axes. Bushcraft axes tend to be the most practical option, and viking axes make great decoration, but throwing axes are just satisfying. Especially when you’ve properly sharpened your axe.

This growing sport is becoming increasingly popular with people all over the country. Whether you’re just looking for a new thing to do with friends, or you want to start competing, these ranges are a great place to start. Soon, you’ll see indoor axe throwing ranges pop up all over the country.

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