What To Wear For Axe Throwing

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Ever wonder what to wear for axe throwing?

With many sports, you need to wear very specific clothes and in some cases you’ll even need to go shopping and buy an outfit that is well suited to the activity you’re going to take part in. Think about cricket, tennis and even ten pin bowling where you won’t be allowed to play unless you wear specific shoes that won’t scuff the surface of the lanes.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Axe Throwing. When you decide to go throw some axes, the main emphasis is that the clothing you wear must be comfortable. The only rule that axe throwing facilities implement across the board for safety reasons, is that all throwers must wear closed-toe shoes. Apart from this, just about anything goes and you can virtually wear anything you want to express your individual style, or even make a fashion statement.


It is important that the shirt you wear is as comfortable as possible. Remember, when you throw an axe, you need to lift both of your arms fully up in the air over your head. If you wear restrictive clothing such as dress shirts, winter jackets, or suits coats, you will lose that competitive edge you’re looking for and won’t be able to perform at your best.

Your overall axe throwing experience will be enhanced if the shirt you wear does not constrain your ability to throw an axe. Before you go to the venue, test if the shirt you’re wearing is suitable by doing an overhand throw. If the shirt is too tight to make that motion, change into something more comfortable that will allow you to throw the axe without hampering your movements at all.

T-shirts are ideal for axe throwing as they won’t tighten and create a barrier when you lift both hands over your head. A comfortable long-sleeve shirt that fits loosely will work too, but men should avoid wearing fitted shirts. While you may look great wearing one, they are not suitable attire for axe throwing as they won’t allow you to get the full range of movement to hit the target or the bullseye.

For women, a T-shirt or a loose blouse is the best option to get the freedom of movement needed. If you have long hair, we suggest you tie it up to prevent it from interfering with your throw, or obstructing your view while you’re throwing.

Flannel shirts are entirely optional but could be used to create that woodsman look that fits in well with axe throwing.

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As axe throwing involves using your arms more than your legs, the type of pants you wear does not really matter. Wear either long pants or shorts, but make sure whatever you choose is most comfortable for you. Ladies could even wear a dress or a skirt if they wanted to, although this will probably look weird seeing that you have to wear closed toe shoes and sandals are not allowed.


You don’t have to wear boots when throwing an axe although there is nothing preventing you from doing so if you wish.

Closed toe shoes are a must when throwing axes and most facilities will not allow you to throw an axe while wearing open shoes. This rule has been instituted purely for safety reasons. Axes are heavy and sharp and can do a lot of damage to your feet and toes if one were to slip out of your hands accidently while you’re walking towards the target. If that happens and your feet are not protected, chances are that you’ll need medical attention and this would definitely spoil your whole axe throwing experience.

Apart from an axe accidentally falling on your foot, another possible danger comes from the wood chips that fly off the target when it is hit by the axe. If you don’t wear closed toe shoes, you could get splinters from these wood chips stuck in your feet. Wearing closed toe shoes while participating in axe throwing is only enforced for your safety and enjoyment.
Flip flops, open sandals and bare feet are definitely not allowed unfortunately -even on hot summer days!

Ladies should also never wear heels when throwing an axe. Even if these are closed toed, heels are not suitable when throwing and axe. Apart from spoiling your image, you’ll risk injury to yourself. To make sure you have the best time possible, running, casual, or flat shoes would be best.

Running shoes are the most suitable as you’ll be on your feet most of the time and will even be getting a bit of a workout. Wear casual shoes or runners, but not flip flops, sandals, or any other type of open toe shoes.


Wearing a cap while participating in an axe throwing event is entirely optional, and there are not restrictions on the type of cap you could wear. The only time wearing a cap while axe throwing would be highly recommended is if the event takes place outside in the sun. In that case, a cap would protect your head (especially if you have a bald spot) and face against sunburn.

Branded Apparel

If you participate in axe throwing on a casual basis, chances are that you won’t be getting any branded clothing for the event. In cases where teams compete against each other, it’s good enough to have members of the same team wear the same color shirts. You could for example have red, blue and yellow teams competing.

For axe throwing events organized by companies as a team building exercise or simply a fun outing, the company might want to give participants clothing (caps or T-shirts) that have the company logo on them. This could especially be applicable if a number of different companies are involved in the event and compete against each other.

If you decide that you enjoy axe throwing so much that you end up joining a specific club or league, it’s very likely that you’ll wear some of the branded apparel that’s available. Every major axe throwing club and league have a wide range of branded axe throwing clothes available, ranging from caps, to axe throwing T-shirts to hoodies. Some axe throwing leagues even go so far as to offer a range of branded beverage containers so you can look the part when enjoying a cold refreshing drink, cute branded onesies for babies and league patches that you can sew onto a jacket on any other clothing you like to wear when participating in an axe throwing event.


The only rule that is enforced regarding clothing that may be worn when throwing axes is that all participants must wear closed toe shoes. This is done for safety reasons to protect your feet in case an axe is accidentally dropped, and against splinters from the wood chips that fly around and fall on the floor when the axe hits the target board.

The only other criteria is that all clothing should be comfortable to wear, especially your shirt which should be lose enough not to hamper your movements when throwing the axe in an overhead two handed throw.

Did we miss something? Got some better ideas on what to wear for axe throwing? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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